Remake Me


I realise with surprise, at times, that I am a mother, and that I have a child. No longer a baby, but a girl, a daughter. Daughters. The word catches in my throat, and my heart drops into the pit of my stomach where it knots, making my head spin. Like a player at a roulette wheel,waiting for the deciding moment when the dream, the beautiful dream, may be swept away.

The moment passes, and I know, with your heads resting in the nooks of my arms, I know that this is forever, you will always be mine. My baby, my child, my daughters. In making you, you remake me.

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One thought on “Remake Me

  1. Susanne@babyhuddle

    What an utterly beautiful post! And how true- we are re-made by our children. I love this!
    Susanne@babyhuddle’s last blog post ..Momma Mojo’s Must Haves

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