Summer is keeping us busy and my girls are growing so fast. I’m so grateful for these pages, and this project, because it grounds me, forces me to sit down and capture, remember, reminisce.

222/366 – Mama Love

Just a quiet day, a gorgeous baby and a mama giving cuddles

223/366 – Lollibop

We went to Lollibop Festival for Children. It was a fantastic day out – but you can read more about that here. I just love the look on my girlie’s face. She loved it.

224/336 – Horsey, horsey don’t you stop

This is Ameli’s second time on a horse, and her face lights up like sunshine when the pony starts walking. I hope I can afford to get her proper riding lessons at some point. I had a school friend who had horses, and I absolutely loved every opportunity to ride, and thinking about it right now, I really miss it!

225/366 – Sensory water beads

Aviya has gone from not really interested, to absolutely engaging in everything around her in less than a month. She reaches for things, stretches out for them and while not crawling, shimmies her way across the playmat to get to something she wants. She does seem to get a bit frustrated quite quickly, then will lie there moaning and waiting for me, but you know… it’s a start.

She’s loving water beads at the moment. She squelches her hand through the bowl before sending water beads flying around the room. It’s great fun!

226/366 – Standing Up

If you have  a look through the blog, you’ll see I’ve not been writing much lately. This picture explains why. Aviya gets really frustrated trying to sit up. She doesn’t like lying on her back, and will spend stretches of time on her belly, but not very long. No, she just wants to stand. Which generally means I spend my days holding her hands while she stands, watching the world!

227/366 – If you go down to the woods today

There’s a gorgeous patch of land near us that I’ve driven past a few times, and always thought we should visit ‘at some point’. Well, this was the day and I can only say I regret that we’ve lived here a year and not been before! It’s stunning. We took a plastic bottle to decorate – the glue didn’t work, but that’s not the point – and a ‘discovery box’, – an egg box with pictures of stones, feathers, leaves and so on, and she has to fill it with the real thing. She loved it.

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures! We hope you enjoyed it with us!

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Mamatography: Week 34 – Summer Holiday Fun

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