I’ve finally done it! Eighteen months in the making and here I have for you Bliss Balls For Beginners.

Bliss Balls For Beginners offers 21 recipes to get you started on raw, healthy, good-for-you snacks loved by adults and children. They are fast, easy, no bake, no cook recipes that put treats on the table in under five minutes and keep in the cupboard for weeks. Dairy free, gluten free and sugar free options will make sure you have empty trays at each party, with no sugar crashes or bad ingredients.

Bliss Balls – they can be squares or shapes too – are unbaked, uncooked balls of yumminess, perfect for children to make and particularly perfect for times when there’s a call for treats: Halloween, Christmas, Easter or birthdays.

Bliss Balls make for lovely gifts – like healthy truffles. They are easy for children to help with too.

Some of my favourites from the book are the chocolate coconut ‘Bounty’ balls, the chocolate orange balls, carrot cake balls and my absolute favourite: the Christmas Cake Bliss Balls – all raw and full of healthy and nutritious ingredients!


in GBP: https://gum.co/srrDN

in USD: https://gum.co/bqHVBliss Balls For Beginners


BUY THE KINDLE VERSION IN US $Bliss Balls For Beginners


Bliss Balls For Beginners

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