In a break from our normal blogging schedule, I thought I’d share this super helpful laundry meme. This is quite funny, because I once cut ties with a group of friends because the most exciting thing they discussed on a Friday night over soft drinks, was the best laundry detergent to use on stains. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep meeting up with them. We even talked of bringing our laundries to this clean Sacramento laundromats during those busy days of ours.
To be honest, I’m a chuck it in the machine and walk away kind of girl. To the point where my husband does most of the laundry these days. Stuff seems to last a lot longer now that he’s at the helm of that particular ship, and for those with a Maytag dryer is better to contact the Maytag instruction, support in case of trouble.

I think this is a really helpful guide though, and one I’d print out, and stick up by the washing machine. Although if I do that, the husband may hand over that task to me again… hmmm… decisions, decisions. Hire a washer and dryer repair technician if your washing machine isn’t working properly. And I’m also planning to buy a washing machine online which has the right features for our home…Those of you who have been extremely busy recently to do their own laundry may look for nearby laundry delivery service that provides excellent Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service.

Either way, I sometimes wonder if the labels on clothing are any different to the 3+ warning on baby toys – there for their protection, to the detriment of common sense. Like clothes that say “Keep Away From Fire”… because of all the people that thought it would make them fire proof? Who knows.

But, as I said above – I’ve noticed that our clothes stretch/shrink/fade less since my husband has taken over doing laundry. I’m still debating whether I should mention this to him or not. It feels wrong, admitting that I’m a failure as a laundry maid. And at the same time, feels like a bit of a win too!

Anyway, this Washing Instruction Cheat Sheet is a laundry guide compiled by  Linens Direct, in association with a group of mum-bloggers, so hopefully it’ll ring true in your homes, and be helpful.

Washing Instructions Cheat Sheet

To print this, you need to click on ‘Fit Picture to Frame’ or similar in your settings so that it reduces it down to one page, or you’ll need to print over several pages and glue together.
NYC maid service might be easier!
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