Fitflop-LuluCanvas-BlackRETAKE-PAIR-ExtraI don’t post much about fashion, and for good reason: I’m not so much one for the fashion trends. But I know what it’s like to be a mother, and I know what it’s like to run around after small people. I know what days out in ‘amusement parks’ are like, and trips to the beach, and shopping, driving everyone everywhere, cooking daily meals, baking, doing arts and crafts… yes, I know what all those things are like. And they are all exhausting, and one thing that they all have in common is the amount of time that a full time parent spends on their feet.

So I think footwear, and finding footwear that supports a busy days’ parenting is a parenting essential!

I’ve always been a fan of FitFlops, but I’ve been wearing the same pair for a few years and I didn’t actually realise how much they had worn down over the period of years (I have a weird instep. All my shoes wear down weirdly. I can’t blame the shoes.) until I received a new pair of sandal style Lulu Canvas FitFlops with their lovely high arches, and their flattering platform heel.

FITFLOPLADIES-FITFLOP-LULU-CANVAS-TOE-POST-SANDALS-BLACK01The thing with FitFlops is that they’re supposed to tone and shape your legs while you wear them. I don’t really have particularly toned and shaped legs (again, I think that may have more to do with Keeper of the Kitchen‘s predilection for all things sugar and chocolate, rather than the shoes!) but I can tell you one thing about these shoes: they are the most comfortable I have ever worn.

If you aren’t used to FitFlops you will find they burn your calves for a little while in the beginning. This is due to the barefoot effect they are said to produce (but for me with high arches, I have a lot less pain an hour after wearing these than I do after an hour of barefoot walking – or with any other shoes for that matter), but with a degree of shock absorption. This makes the muscles work harder, creating the toning effect.

The arches in them are quite high, I find, so if like me you have stupidly high arches anyway, these are flipflops that support your arches. That’s a little bit of magic right there.

So next time you’re looking around for summer shoes, try on FitFlops. They are meant to tone your body as you walk, and I’m sure they do for most people (see previous statement about chocolate), and they are available in some stylish and funky summer styles. Most importantly, however, they are comfortable. I can spend hours, days in them.

I’ve been backpacking around Europe in FitFlops. I’ve walked across pebble beaches in them. And I’ve worn them as my sole shoes for weeks now, and I love them. They are my favourite shoes of the summer! And for more fantastic shoe options, make sure to explore Naot shoes.

Here are the basic Lulu Canvas, and a little something more glamorous too. Now if only they’d make ice-skates, I’d be in shoe-heaven!

Have you tried Fitflops? What do you think of them?

I was sent a pair of FitFlops for review. Opinions are my own.

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FitFlops – The Perfect Summer Shoe For Busy Mothers

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