I am in love with a lunchbox, totally. You know those ads on TV where someone has something that makes everyone else look at them like they’re so cool? This is that product. Every time I use it on our day trips, the people with me tell me how brilliant it is, and they are right. And the sad bit? This awesome product is a lunchbox. The Flatbox-LunchBox, to be precise.

The Flatbox-Lunchbox is a machine washable, heat resistant lunch bag that converts into a placemat providing a clean surface with each use.  You can pop your lunch in it, and when you sit down to your picnic, unzip all four sides, opening it up entirely to make a mat on the table, floor, grass, or wherever you’re eating.


If you don’t want to fold the whole bag open, but just want to get something out, you can just open one of the four zips partially like with any bag, but you can also open one side all the way – a great way to keep blustering sea sand out of your snacks. Solvetta2

The bag itself is large enough to hold quite a bit. On a day out we might put a bowl full Bliss Balls, two bananas, two clementines, 2 reusable yoghurt pouches, some sesame snaps – and that would leave quite a bit of space.



When you get back home, you can quite easily pop the whole bag in the washing machine with your clothes from the day to make sure it’s clean and ready for the next day. We tend to keep our Flatbox-Lunchbox filled with tubs so we don’t have to wash it to get food off it every day, but we have had it dropped in the mud, and had it on the beach, as well as having a drink spill out in it, and it’s super easy to wash and dries quickly too, good as new.

Another really handy feature is the handle. It’s big enough for an adult hand to hold comfortably, and I tend to unhook one side of my handbag, and hook the handle through it – saves me carrying another item around all day.

I don’t get excited about a lot of products, but this one has slotted right into family life, and is used a number of times a week.  It’s really brilliant.

You can buy a Flatbox-Lunchbox on their website, normally at £27.50, but currently available for £19.25

By the way – this was a crowd source project! How cool is that?!


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Introducing The Awesome FlatBox-LunchBox

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