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The Magic Onion blog is filled with Fairy Gardens I’ve wanted to make with my girls for years, but they’re so lovely and so beautiful that to be honest, I found it overwhelming, and ‘making a fairy garden’ got resigned to the list of things I wish I could do well. I was offered the Fairy Garden Craft Box for review and I couldn’t wait to try it with my girls.

When we sat down to it, they were super excited. We opened the box and emptied out the contents.

Inside the box you’ll find a fairy garden bowl, and fairy figurine, oyster shell which is the water feature in the garden – and the kids need to keep the water fresh and the shell clean –  a sparkly fairy cottage, a clothes line with posts & pegs, die-cut cloth for the clothes line, and a die-cut carpet for the cottage. There’s grass seed and coloured gravel as well as mushrooms, flowers and various bits of glitter, or fairy dust.

There’s loads in it and my girls have loved the kit! We spent about half an hour putting it all up together, and then the girls decided to play with the fairy while the grass grew. They weren’t best pleased when I told them it may take a week or two! I’m looking forward to the grass growing so it’ll give them something to do.

They started playing with the ceramic fairy, and very quickly broke the wing off, so I had to glue it back together with an explanation that it’s not actually a toy.

So, they decided that Ameli would be the fairy, and that the fairy was a statue of her and of her house.

I wasn’t really expecting the imaginative play that came with doing this kit, if I’m honest, but it’s been lovely.

Now it’s up to the girls to keep the ‘water feature’ clean, and to sprinkle water on the grass every day so that it will grow.

We also decided that we could make sure our fairy felt close to nature by putting some fresh flowers in her garden from time to time, some acorns and pinecones in autumn and rosehips in winter. I love how we’ve been able to talk about the seasons as part of this fun activity.

Amazon sell these make a fairy garden kits for £12.99, and I think it’s money well spent.

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How To Make A Fairy Garden (For Busy Mamas!)

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