I don’t know about you, but my children are worse than any cat I’ve ever had when it comes to Christmas decorations, and fiddling with things on the tree! They simply can’t leave well enough alone. Of course Christmas is a family affair, but when you’ve spent hours putting it all together, it can be soul destroying to have little hands pull it all apart again – especially when they do that to everything else all year round anyway!

There are a few things you can do give children their own creative space for Christmas – preferably in their own room.

If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing room for your child already, like one of these nursery ideas, then you’re off to a good start:

Arts and Crafts

Ah, my beautiful children. They spend many hours on painting, drawing, sticking, glueing. Each masterpiece is the best they’ve ever made, if they have to say so themselves. My house is full to exploding of their makes and Christmas seems to be the floodgate season for it too. Why not fill their rooms will all their creativity? All those DIY ornaments? Put them on a little tree, or a wooden tree, or some branches.

Christmas Bunting

Bunting’s not just for summer months, festivals and camping you know? Bright and beautiful Christmas bunting, well out of reach and risk of strangulation, can bring instant cheer, even on dull and dreary days.  Or alternatively, a bunting advent calendar, filled with their existing Duplo or other small toys so the can fill, unpack and refill to their heart’s content, all month long.

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Mini Christmas Tree

Give the kids their own miniature Christmas tree – another perfect place to pop those DIY ornaments – which they can then decorate and redecorate as often as their little hearts desire!

Reusable Wall Decals

Ideal if your children are too small for actual decorations, temporary wall art is a fun way to bring a little Christmas cheer to the rest of the house, either as wall or window stickers.

And of course, if none of this works out, I’ll just wait about 20 years then go to their houses and mess up their Christmas trees, gleefully! 😉


Simple Christmas Decorations For A Child’s Room

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