Remember a while back I told you about the Dino Tales App and the Safari Tales App ? Well, Kuato games is back at it, and they’ve come up with a cute new game for their loyal fans… and it’s free.

Dino Flip is their way of saying “thank you” to all the fans of the Tales games. They’ve created a beautiful match pairs game, again featuring all the sweet baby dinos. The Dino Flip game gives you four board sizes or difficulty levels, getting harder with each size. Dino Flip is basically a memory match game, where you turn over two cards per go to find a matching pair. Aside from being fun, the game aids in memory and recall and visual spacial awareness. It also features the cute dinosaurs from Dino Tales, with a Christmas theme.10 images to uncover including Christmas themes. There’s also a timer to track your best times to beat, encouraging young minds to develop memory skills and hand/eye coordination – and as always the best part of Kuato games: No adverts and no in-app purchases!iPhone Screenshot 1

Dino Flip will be free throughout December as a Christmas present to Kuato’s fans and is available on Apple, Amazon and Android platforms.

Also available now is a new game called Dino Paint (£0.79) which will be available on iPad and iPhone. Dino Paint is a painting App for young kids which lets players pick their paints and brushes and colour in 24 different Christmas-themed images. Each picture has the cute baby dinosaurs getting ready for the big day with decorations, candy canes, trees and baubles. They’ve even included four blank pages for kids to create their own unique masterpieces.

iPhone Screenshot 1

The images can be painted and erased as many times as you like, or stored in your camera roll for viewing at any time. Dino Paint is a lovely game for all Dino fans and parents should be keen too, since Kuato titles don’t have any advertising or in-app purchases, which I always think is a bonus.






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Free Christmas Themed Dino Flip Game

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