It’s Roald Dahls birthday on the 13th of September, so we’re having a celebration of Roald Dahl’s books at the moment.

I’ve been browsing Etsy this week for unique, unusual or particularly cute things relating to Roald Dahl. Here are my top finds:

1) Roald Dahl Jewellery


I love this Matilda locket* – it’s so sweet and unusual. A perfect reminder to a little girl that she is never alone – especially if you put pictures of the people she loves inside!

2) Roald Dahl Room Decor


This lampshade*is different to high street character lamps, and ideal for a little reader – just look at all those books stacked up!

3) Shoes


There’s a lot of Matilda on Etsy for Roald Dahl. Good thing that’s our theme for next week! These shoesare made to order, so hopefully you’ll be able to order them in a size you like.

4) Accessories

il_570xN.655114485_7wkf il_570xN.688756415_a56d

A good incentive to save some money? My girls love their pursesand handbags, and this one comes in a wide variety of Roald Dahl themed characters.

5) Roald Dahl Puzzle


Perfect for any fan of the stories, this puzzle* incorporates loads of different stories.

6) Roald Dahl Wigmam

il_570xN.779069134_36evThe Roald Dahl James and the Giant Peach wigwam* would make a fantastic reading nook.

7) Roald Dahl Stationary

il_570xN.669144511_frh5For the more grown up Roald Dahl fan, try the letterhead-quote Roald Dahl writing pads*. The reviews are gushing, and they look beautiful for letter writers.

8) Roald Dahl Travel Mug

il_570xN.803948395_6d8oAnother grown up gift, is the travel mug* that should remind you every day to be ‘in dream country’. I like it. It makes me feel cheerful just reading that.

9) Roald Dahl Confetti

il_570xN.562278411_6rqjI’m not overly sure what I think of these beautiful books being turned into confetti*, so I kind of hope they just photocopy them for the confetti, but it is a pretty unique and unusual twist on wedding or party décor.

10) Framed Roald Dahl Quotes

il_570xN.819871564_ida6il_570xN.550549206_31gtil_570xN.676240947_hioxAnd finally, though certainly not least, is one of a myriad of Dahl’s best loved quotes*, framed and beautiful.

I love finding beautiful things that could or would be great additions to our home-ed themes. I don’t always buy them, but there are some incredibly creative people in the world, so hopefully by sharing them I’ll be helping a mum somewhere buy winter boots or put food on the table. Most of these links are affiliate links, but you do not pay anything more for using them. You just help me put food on the table for my little girls with a few pennies here and there, so thank you!

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10 Top Buys For Roald Dahl Fans

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