It is always an enormous struggle to find a perfect Christmas gift for a child that is not just toys. Children may be temporarily happy with a toy, but sometimes something a little different is just that little bit more special too. Here are three basic tips to help you out.

Think about the age of a child 

Some things can be suitable for all ages, and some can work only with specific ages.  For example, if you want to pamper a five year old, it is best to choose for gifts in a 5-7-year-old category, rather than a 4-5-year-old group. This will ensure you have chosen a gift that stretches the child but doesn’t frustrate him or her, and it extends the life expectancy of the gift.


Think practical

The best gifts are clearly the ones that have a practical use as well. Think along the lines of umbrellas, re-useable drinks bottles, backpacks, hot water bottles, mobile phone holders and so on. These gifts are hard to physically grow out of and will be super handy as well – and they save a little money if you’re not having to buy the things they ‘need’ down the line too. 

Think about their interests

Many kids have a pretty defined interest areas even if they are still pretty small, so if you are looking for a great gift try to remember those interests and hobbies as well. And just because I might be totally over Frozen, doesn’t mean my 3 year old is!

You don’t have to buy an exact thing to compliment their hobby either – I mean how many footballs does a boy need? But you can buy supporting materials: their favourite team shirt, or some other bit of kit. Or if they like football, it could mean they like being outdoors – so perhaps something to encourage that:  – a mini gardening kit, or a mini telescope to gaze stars.  Try to think about what they love to do and expand their horizons even further!

What are you considering while looking for Christmas gift for your kids? Share them with other readers in the comment section now! 



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How To Pick The Right Gift For A Child

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