We’re officially in November, so I can without shame start talking about Christmas presents, because as a busy mama there’s nothing wrong with getting the gift-buying out of the way… but not before November, if my humble opinion matters! But we’re in November, and so I want to tell you about one of the best things we’ve been sent for review this year: Ollie and Leila’s Pony Snuggle Sac. It’s a sleeping bag, of sorts, and it’s gorgeous!

Ameli just loves everything horsey, so when I saw this Snuggle Sac sleeping bag for kids, I knew we had to have it. Her reaction to it was as expected, what with the gorgeous horse head poking up over the festive looking, bunting adorned, gold trimmed stable door.
Ollie and Leila Snuggle Sac

What is Ollie and Leila’s Snuggle Sac?

A Snuggle Sac is basically a very comfortable, plush, beautiful kids sleeping bag, with a lot more room in it than any sleeping bag I ever had. This isn’t slimline, heavy duty, climb to the top of mountains stuff – it’s useful, practical and can be as easily used to snuggle in front of the TV as camping in the living room as camping in a tent. It’s a bed in one, so if you’re heading off on holiday it’s an easy take along too.

The Snuggle Sac is made of super soft material on the outside, and inside is a 100% cotton lining – fantastic as it doesn’t cause sweating in the same way polyester, which children’s bedding is often made from, does.

The Snuggle Sac comes with an attached pillowcase so you can pop your favourite pillow inside for extra comfy sleeping, and the pillow won’t end up on the floor either.

What’s in the Snuggle Sac Bag?

There are two parts to the Snuggle Sac. The easy to carry and easy to fill (i.e. it has lots of room and you will easily fit it back in) backpack carry bag with back carry straps and the sleeping bag itself. It’s also surprisingly light for its size, so little ones can easily carry it themselves.
Ollie and Leila Snuggle Sac

What you need to know about the Snuggle Sac:

Aside from being soft, cuddly, extremely cute, with a cotton lining, the Snuggle Sac has a zipper down the side for easy in and out -especially when you’re trying to deposit a sleeping child. There’s plenty enough room for little ones to pop in and out through the top without the zip though. If the Snuggle Sac needs a wash, no problems, it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried too.

Ollie and Leila Snuggle Sac

Where can you find the Snuggle Sac?

Ollie and Leila Snuggle Sacs costs £45 and seem to be only available from Ollie and Leila. Aside from this gorgeous pony in the stables, there’s also a pirate and a princess, and a few plainer ones with stars. You can see the Ollie and Leila Snuggle Sac range here.

Pony Snuggle Sac

We received this Snuggle Sac free in exchange for an honest review. 

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