Let’s face it, you used to have a nice, mess-free living room, and now it has been taken over by toy dinosaurs and Project MC2 dolls. Not to worry though, if you are ready to move the kid’s play space to their own bedroom, rather than taking over the entire house, this blog post is going to help you do this. If your family is growing, it may be time to look at ADU Plans and add a bedroom, storage room, or another living space in your home.


Here are some great tips to help you regain your living area, and move the kids’ playroom to their bedroom:


  • Storage


All kids need plenty of storage, and while you may think that the living room is the best option for this, there are plenty of ways to add extra storage to a bedroom.

As every bedroom needs a bed frame, utilize this and look for a bed frame that has added storage underneath. If you need more storage than most, then a cabin bed is a great option, as there is even more storage than just a few drawers underneath. These Space-Saving Spiral Stair Kits are also a good option if the bedroom is on a higher floor.

Also experiment with shelves – these can be ideal for displaying your children’s books and toys without having to hide it. It can really add personality to a bedroom too.


  • Section the Room


Make it clear which part of the bedroom is going to be the ‘playroom’ section using soft yet durable rugs and cool accessories.

Adding a certain section in the bedroom will still make your child feel as though they have a playroom, even though it is just part of their bedroom. A soft play installation will be the solution. It will also help keep toys and books in one part of the room and ensure there is a definite separation between when it is time to play and when it’s time to sleep.

If your front door doesn’t look as appealing as it used to — or it’s just plain ugly — you may want to consider calling a potomac md door installation company to have it replaced.


  • Bright Colors


No playroom should be bland – they are children after all and get excited over bright colors and animation.

You can add bright colors using accessories, such as cool, shaggy rugs and pillows on the floor or even if you just invest in some jigsaw floor pieces in different colors.


  • A Desk


If you have room, then add a desk. This will mean that when your children want to whip out their new coloring book, they won’t get crayon all over your kitchen table!

A good desk like the spacious study table in Singapore has many functions – it can be where your children do their latest coloring, read their newest novels or eat their ‘dinner’ from their play or study time!

A great example of a fun desk for children is this JCB desk from Happy Beds – adds personality and fun to their section of the room!


  • Try Out a Funky Wall Design


It may be a nice idea to decorate the corner or section of the room where the playroom is going to go, to add excitement.

Some ideas include a giant world map or teddy bear wallpaper. Visit the Peel and Stick Wall Murals online store for great options.

What about many family photos or photos of your child’s favourite things? It will make them more inclined to play there if the wall is decorated with a fun design.

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