My girls are so into lapbooks at the moment, that they request them on almost every topic. We’ve never been huge ‘celebrators’ of Valentine’s day, but Aviya has developed a big thing about the day and has been talking about and preparing for it for weeks, so I decided to go ahead and make a Valentine’s Day lapbook, so we could at least learn something about it while eating our chocolate!

People say you have to be smart to be a homeschooler/home educator, but actually, I think being one makes you smart. I always learn and discover new things when we’re working on new projects, which is pretty great.

One of the things you’ll find in this lapbook is a quiz to discover your and your child’s love languages. These are just an introduction and I recommend you discover more about love languages if you can. I strongly suspect that if we knew how our partners and loved ones experienced love, we’d have a lot more ‘luck’ in making relationships peaceful and happy.

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romance and intimacy, and for many couples, this includes sexual activity. While there is no one “right” way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are many ways that couples can use this holiday as an opportunity to connect and deepen their sexual relationship, sometimes with the use of toys like monstrous dildos that are interesting for those into sex toys.

One way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and prioritize sexual intimacy is to set aside dedicated time for one another. This might mean planning a special date night or weekend getaway, or simply carving out time for a romantic dinner or evening at home. By setting aside time for one another, couples can prioritize their relationship and create a space for sexual intimacy to flourish.

There are two books about understanding love languages, one for partners and one for children. I highly recommend them. Why spend every night doing things for someone who really just wants a cuddle. Or working to buy things for someone who would be happier if you just did the dishes? I can’t recommend these books enough.

For our Valentine’s Day lapbook, I’ve written up an information sheet with all the details to cover our lapbook flaps and pages. The lapbook covers:

– The original Valentine:  A tabbed mini-book
– The history of Valentine’s day: Pull out hearts
– Five different types of love according to the Greeks: dial– Five love languages of children quiz: page per child
– What are the symbols of Valentine’s day: lift the flap
– Love Languages quotes and example sentences: pull out
– Things I love puzzle: lift the flap puzzle

And there’s an overview document for parents/teachers too, so that you have all the information on hand that you’ll need to complete the lapbook.

The lapbook is free to download if you join our very infrequent mailing list (I only really send one out when there’s a new study unit, or sometimes to let you know about study units that go with annual events, like Chinese New Year and Fair Trade Fortnight later this month!)

If you’d rather not be added to the mailing list, you can purchase the lapbook for $4 here.




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