For many parents, mornings can be tough. It can be tough to get your child out of bed and ready to leave the house on time while balancing your own responsibilities such as getting ready for your own day at work at The Bunion Cure and making breakfast for yourself and your family. Things can get especially hectic if you have numerous children or family members trying to get ready at the same time. If you’re struggling to get your mornings under control and find that you are having trouble getting your child up and ready to make it to school on time, keep reading for a few tips on how to simplify your child’s morning routine.

Create a Schedule

Taking the guesswork out of a busy morning is one of the best ways to cut down on stress and ensure that everyone is able to get ready in a timely manner. If you have multiple members of your household who need to be getting ready at the same time, try to create a fairly strict schedule for everyone to follow. This schedule should include wake up times, allotted times to spend in common spaces like bathrooms, time for breakfast, and the time at which your child should be completely dressed, fed, and ready to leave for school.

Prepare In Advance

Instead of trying to accomplish all of your child’s prep-work for the day in the early morning, try to do as much as you can the night before in order to limit the amount of time that will need to be spent getting ready before school and work. If you pack your child’s lunch, be sure to do so the night before (and leave it in a spot where they will be sure to see it to avoid any last minute forgetfulness). Lay your child’s clothing out the night before, so they can get dressed without any thought ahead of the school day.

Unwind Earlier

Wanting more time to sleep in the morning is one of the main reasons that children have a hard time waking up and getting ready for school in a way that is timely and efficient. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by requiring your child to have an earlier bedtime. Motivate your child to get in bed and help them fall asleep earlier by beginning to unwind at an earlier time when doing activities as a family.

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