Ideas For Dr Seuss’ Birthday {PlayLearning}

Our PlayLearning theme this week is Dr Seuss and a touch of World Book Day, we have a few books waiting to be read, so we’re going to work through them this week.  We are also huge Dr Seuss fans, and Ameli particularly loves them for bed time stories, so Dr Seuss is a great theme for us to repeat again, despite having done it once before already.

Dr Seuss ActivitiesBecause of the multitude of Dr Seuss stories, there’s so much to do in this theme, it’s rather brilliant.

Crafts and Play 

Lorax mask

Truffula Tree Landscape

Lorax Pencil Holder

Lorax Puppets

Truffula Tree Waterless Snowglobe

Truffula Tree Hop (And other games)

Cat in the Hat Paper Plate

Horton Hears a Who Toilet Roll Craft

One Fish Two Fish Three Fish hand print craft

Family Foot Book

Green Eggs and Ham Bath

Hop On Pop Site Word Cards

Tweetle Beetle Play Rice

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut Glasses

The Sneetches Game

Cat In The Hat Paper Plate Craft Hats


Cat in the Hat Yoghurt

Marshmallow Truffalo Trees

Green Eggs And Ham

(Scrambled) Green Eggs and Ham

Cat in the Hat Fruit

Cat in the Hat lunch

Truffula Tree Fruit

Lorax Cheese Snack

One Fish Two Fish Savoury Crackers



The Loraxand Youtube has been most helpful with movies too, such as: Green Eggs And Ham, The Cat in The Hat, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas (awesome drawing art)


There’s so much Dr Seuss stuff out there, that it’s hard to know what’s worth spending money on. We don’t have a definitive list by any means, but here are some of our favourites:

The Lorax Pop Up (US) – A beautiful pop up version of the story, with really funky interactive bits.

A Classic Case of Dr Seuss (US) – A case of books. We have this one. Ameli loves it.

I Can Do That Card Game (US) – A fun little card game, especially for a group of children.

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Growing Beans And Onions Indoors

A few weeks ago we had ‘Growing‘ as our PlayLearning theme, during which we planted three types of beans and some onions. Over the last three weeks I have taken photos of their progress, and here they are below.

Growing Beans

Ironically, the dwarf bean sprouted roots and shoots much sooner than the broad bean or barlotti bean. We’ve now replanted them into soil as I’m not sure how long they were going to survive on just water and cotton wool!

The onions were a fun experiment too. I’m waiting a few more days before I start using these, because, to be honest, I have no idea what to do with them! I found this idea on Pinterest, but there weren’t instructions beyond the actual putting it together. I don’t know if you’re supposed to harvest the onions at some point, or if you just enjoy the greens indefinitely! Anyway… we’ll enjoy the greens for now, and see what happens.

It’s quite a cool and fun thing to have in the kitchen though. I think it looks great.

Growing onions

What are you growing this year?

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