Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas

With just two weeks to go till Christmas, it’s time to get the teacher gifts done, the little token presents for colleagues and those final stocking fillers for holiday guests too. While it’s all too easy to grab a couple of boxes of chocolate and give them out, there’s something to be said for personalising, even in the little gifts, so here are a few ‘sweet’ ideas that won’t take very long, but will be unique. Go to your local old fashioned sweet shop, or shop online for retro sweets and feed your sweet tooth.


Make your own Christmas crackers by saving up toilet paper rolls, then filling small sandwich bags with a selection of sweets and stuffing them inside. Use fun Christmas paper to wrap the toilet rolls, leaving enough on either side to make it look like a cracker. You can even go professional and include cracker snaps to make sure they ‘bang’. 

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Marble Art Christmas Wrapping Paper

Marble art is a lot of fun, and if you use large enough sheets, you can use them for gift wrapping your Christmas presents. If you’re a little concerned about marbles with small children, then you can use non-toxic water beads instead. They do the job the same way, but if they are softer so they are a little more small-child-safe.

You will need:

  • Marbles/water beads
  • paints
  • paper
  • a large box, dish or roasting pan

Dip the marbles or water beads into paint and lay them down on paper. marbles

Lift the sides of the tray or box and tilt it so that the marbles run around the page. Replace the beads as they require new paint, and fill the page with fun, bright colours. marble art

Set aside to dry and soon you’ll have lovely coloured paper that you can use to wrap your Christmas presents.

You can also do this with glitter glue. It takes a while to dry, but it’s really pretty!


Pic Of The Week – Week 51 – Christmas Time, Mistletoe And Wine

Well, there hasn’t been much mistletoe or wine, truth be told, but there has been plenty fun and game. I find it rather hard to get my head around the fact that it’s the last week of 2011.  Where exactly has this year gone?! Well, it’s the second last Pic of the Week, since I run these a week behind and all and it’s been a great week.

We’ve painted baubles, we’ve painted an empty jar that now houses chalk and crayon bits, and glued Christmassy stickers on Christmassy shapes.

We also made biscuits:

The most precious part of this last series of pictures, to me, is that a few days later I was busy cooking breakfast and had shut the kitchen door. Ameli wanted to come in and started knocking on the door. I opened it and she stood there, looking up at me and said, “Mama, I want to come in. I want to learn.”


Thank you for joining us for our pic of the week!
(If you’d like to do something similar next year, sign up for the Mamatography 2012 challenge!)