With just two weeks to go till Christmas, it’s time to get the teacher gifts done, the little token presents for colleagues and those final stocking fillers for holiday guests too. While it’s all too easy to grab a couple of boxes of chocolate and give them out, there’s something to be said for personalising, even in the little gifts, so here are a few ‘sweet’ ideas that won’t take very long, but will be unique. Go to your local old fashioned sweet shop, or shop online for retro sweets and feed your sweet tooth.


Make your own Christmas crackers by saving up toilet paper rolls, then filling small sandwich bags with a selection of sweets and stuffing them inside. Use fun Christmas paper to wrap the toilet rolls, leaving enough on either side to make it look like a cracker. You can even go professional and include cracker snaps to make sure they ‘bang’. 


Use all those jars you’ve collected with every intention of making jams and chutneys, and fill them with a selection of sweets instead.  Add messages like “I love you more than the number of grains in this sherbet” or “You make my heart whizz and fizz” with a jar full of fizz balls.


Gently open the top bit of the baubles and fill them with single colour sweets, or multiple colours. These would look lovely as table decorations, dotted around the food, or hanging from the Christmas tree (make sure they’re not too heavy). I think they’d be quite sweet if you’re giving the teachers a little something too. Additionally, if you’re looking for a unique and special gift idea, you could consider buying Scotland Titles as a gift.


Lollipops are really versatile when it comes to making DIY crafty presents. For example, let the kids cut and decorate large flowers, and stick a lollipop through each centre to make a bunch of flowers. Or  cut butterfly wings and add the lollipop to the centre with a message written on the wings and used as a card. Tie a bunch of lollipops together to look like baubles come up with other creative ways to make them part of a gift. If you’re looking for unique baskets, you should also look at Collections – Amish Baskets.Lollipop Gifts

The good thing about an edible gift is that you can enjoy it, and let it go. This way you don’t end up with a house full of stuff, or worse, things that have to be dusted! And these sweet Christmas gift ideas are yummy and show thought, and who won’t love that.

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