Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie Review

I took the children (6 + 4) to see Alice Through The Looking Glass over the weekend, because, well, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite childhood stories. We loved this movie, despite it having been heavily slated by ‘the critics’.

The story is the follow on to Alice’s first trip to Wonderland, and I must admit, I don’t remember the book at all! It must be two decades since I last read it, so I can’t comment at all on how close it is to the original, or whether it’s a completely ‘new’ story.

Without spoilers – this is a story of Alice returning to Wonderland to find the Mad Hatter has lost his happy, and is in fact very sad – so sad that he comes close to death, due to being reminded of an event that occurred many years ago. Alice sets out to find Time personified, to convince him to allow her to use his Chronosphere to head back in time to set things straight for her friend the Hatter. During her travels in time, Alice discovers other things about Wonderland – like why the Red Queen and her sister fell out, how the Red Queen came to be how she is, and why the Mad Hatter is always a minute from tea time and so on. Alce Through the Looking Glass

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Cleo (Snowtime!) Movie Review

On one of the many, many rainy days this week, my girls and I snuggled up on the sofa to watch Cleo – called Snowtime! in some zones – the new movie from Universal.

Cleo is a heartwarming, touching, and kind of sad-story-with-a-happy-ending animation about friendship. There’s a large cast of boys – it being a boy-infested town, after all – and just one girl, with two new-comers to the town at the start of the story.

****** You can read the spoiler free description here but this post is about the story and as such contains some spoilers:******

The movie starts off on the last day of school, and within minutes the children are on winter break and bored, bored, bored. Frankie wants to build a fort and suggests a snow ball war, with bugle playing Luke as one of the generals.

An argument about the rules, the teams and territories lead to a fight between the friends, which inadvertently decides the two teams. New girl in town Sophie becomes the opposing general when she’s drawn into a fight by the persistent other army.

Frankie and his team of three build the most amazing snow fort. It’s rather epic, complete with hi-tec surveillance. CLEO Movie

After completion of the fort, ‘peace-loving Nicky’ comments “war is not fun” before slinking off away. He is the only detractor, not interested in the war games. He is also the only one that talks about the fact that Luke’s dad died in a war.Read more: Cleo (Snowtime!) Movie Review

The Good Dinosaur {Movie Review}

In a Boxing Day bid to get everyone out of the house this morning, we went to our local cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur, Pixar’s latest contribution to movies for kids.

I’ve always loved Pixar movies, so I generally go into them expecting it to be for the kids, with comments and suggestions thrown in for adult enjoyment too, and Pixar doesn’t disappoint in this film.

***** This part describes the movie and may contain some spoilers****
The Good Dinosaur is a story about a smaller-than-average dinosaur, the youngest of three, born to a farming dinosaur family in a world where a meteor didn’t hit earth and dinosaurs aren’t extinct. The youngest dino, Arlo, is scared of everything, even though his daddy is very supportive and believes that he’ll ‘make his mark’ yet.

As life happens in the stories, Arlo’s dad is killed in the process of teaching him a valuable life lesson, and life on the farm becomes hard. Before long, Arlo is swept away on a torrent of water, and begins his arduous journey towards home, growing and changing and learning from his experience in the wild as he goes.

Arlo comes across various ‘bad guys’ and defeats them, befriending human-with-dog-like-qualities “Spot” along the way. Previously his nemesis, Spot becomes Arlo’s best friend, and before Arlo finds his family again, he helps Spot return to his own kind. Arlo returns home where his mother initially mistakes him for his father, before realising it’s her son returned, and everyone lives happily ever after. It is a children’s movie after all

Since watching the movie I’ve read a few reviews on it, and I’m surprised by the hysteria this movie has caused in some sectors. My children aren’t exactly die-hard, cold hearted monsters, but we didn’t cry from fear or emotion. My three year old did require a lap though as some parts were a bit scary.Read more: The Good Dinosaur {Movie Review}