Lol Surprise – Pearl Surprise Review

It’s always happy post for us when the post includes collectible toys, and especially when the package contains a LOL Surprise , and doubly so when there’s two LOL Surprises!  This time round I didn’t tell the kids what was in the package, so they didn’t know a thing, which was extra fun!

They were very excited to open the postage bag and find the biggest LOL Surprise e.v.e.r! (Watch the video below. The excitement is real, folks!) Read more: Lol Surprise – Pearl Surprise Review

STEM/STEAM Wild Science Perfume Factory

I don’t know if it’s just because Ameli is of a particular STEM/STEAM age, or if it’s that there’s been a huge push in that direction lately, but involving girls in science, and kids in science generally, seems to be everywhere at the moment. We were recently sent a Wild Science Perfume Factory set to review and it’s been a huge hit here.

Ameli is quite science-keen anyway, with Project MC2 ranking high on her favourites list, so the Wild Science Perfume Factory is right up her street. You know how some toys are a the thing of the moment for five minutes, then they aren’t a thing at all five minutes later? This isn’t one of them. On the first go, Ameli spent over an hour mixing and matching – an hour’s a long time for something to hold her attention! Since then, she’s taken to applying her perfume daily and creating top ups from time to time too.

The kit includes a stand, a scoop, five vials, a perfume bottle, tweezers, stirring sticks, mixing pot, red liquid pigment, special base perfumes, sticky labels, Sodium Polyacrylate Crystals, a measuring cup, a graduated pump and cotton ball filters.

The base perfumes are Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Peppermint and Rose essential oils.

Read more: STEM/STEAM Wild Science Perfume Factory

Clever Keet Bird Playground Review

I am often made to feel a bit bad, because my children want a pet so badly. We can’t have one where we live – the landlord even pulled a face when I suggested a fish! – so I’ve been steadily increasing the girls toy pet supply in the hopes that it will fill the gap for the moment (I know it won’t really, but I’m trying here!). Over the last few months we’ve managed to collect a Little Live Butterfly*, Bubble Pop the Tweet Talking Bird* and Anna, the Digibird*. The latest addition to our collection is the rather epic Clever Keet Bird Playground*.

CleverKeetThe Clever Keet Bird Playground comes with an interactive pet bird who talks, sings, dances and swings, as well as all the playground equipment, including a swing, wagon and mirror.

Finally, there’s also an adoption certificate in the box, to legitimise ownership and all.

On the perch Clever Keet will move himself forward and backwards causing it to ‘swing’, and when he’s on the ‘dance’ perch, he plays music and dances along to the beat of whatever music you have playing in the house. When Clever Keet is hungry you can put him by his food tray and he makes eating noises and sometimes burps much to the amusement of small children.

On the cart or wagon his body propels the whole thing forward – basically it’s the bird’s contact with the metal connectors that causes it to react depending on where it is.


Actually, this toy does such a lot. Each of the different bits of equipment give it a lot of different options for things to say and you need to go through the manual to make sure you get the best out of the bird and all it’s options.

There’s also a record option where the parakeet will… well, parrot, what you’re saying in it’s own non-gender specific voice. My daughter loves this option and some of the phrases you teach it seem to be absorbed into it’s regular chatter, though I’m not entirely sure if that’s just random selection or if we’ve accidentally and unknowingly stumbled on how to make it do that.

This is’t a cheap toy at £44, but I reckon it’s pretty good value for money, all told.

The only negatives of the Clever Keet is that it’s movements have a loud mechanical sound, which sort of spoils the ‘realism’ of the bird. You also can’t buy a spare bird for the play equipment, which I think is a bit of a shame as there are multiple spaces for the bird to sit and at the price it would be nice to have a second bird if you have more than one child who might want to play too. The birds are quite robust and sturdy, and it’s tough to remove them from their contact perches, but that’s neither good or bad, really.

This play set makes up a huge present under the tree, so it’s pretty impressive and is sure to make someone happy!



{Competition} Win A Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Play Set

One of the perks of blogging sometimes, is when the post arrives with goodies for the kids. I don’t spend a lot of money on new toys for them, so when they get something brand new out of the box, it’s always a nice treat. This week my youngest was the happy recipient of a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag Play Set. She is such a Doc McStuffins fan that she already has a little outfit she received for her birthday this year. When we opened the box she ran off to fetch her outfit from the fancy dress box, and soon Doc McStuffins was running around the house giving us all check ups!

Doc McStuffins Vet Set

The kit is really lovely. It’s all glittery and girly and pretty without being nauseatingly pink, but rather purples and greens. It has soft colours and is quite lovely.

The kit contains a vet bag, a brush, a comb, scissors, otoscope, magnifying glass, tongue depressor, stickers and a light up pet tag, which we thought was a light up plaster – I don’t know why you would need that though 😉

I kind of wish they’d put the light in the otoscope, rather than the tag, as that would have been a bit more authentic, and it’s unfortunate that neither the otoscope or the magnifying glass actually magnify – it’s just clear plastic. It would have been great if those things were more realistic. Doc McStuffins

I was quite surprised how Aviya was able to pick up the various bits and just ‘know’ what to do with them. I guess watching the show has made some of it sink in. Doc McStuffins Vet Kit

You can win a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Play Set by naming your favourite character from this video.

To Enter – watch the video below and in the comments leave the name of your favourite character

[youtube GXj5CA-7XGg]

The winner is:

Doc Winner

T&Cs:  Diary of a First Child is the sole promoter of this competition. The competition runs for one week ending Sunday 4 October at 23:59. The winner will be selected using, based on the position in the comments. Winner will be notified by email, so please make sure you add your email in the required space. Winners will have one week to respond before a new winner will be selected.  The prize cannot be exchanged for money. Promoter’s decision is final.

To pick up a set for Christmas, you can find it at Amazon*