On Traveling With Children – Matt Rudd

I’ve written some pretty deep and serious posts over the past couple of weeks, so I thought today would share something a little lighter with you. If you’re a Sunday Times reader, you might recognise the name Matt Rudd. Well, today Matt has written a guest post for me on one of my favourite topics – traveling with children. You only have to peruse our travel section to see that it’s something we do A LOT, and Matt’s (slightly abandoned) blog made me smile – I don’t know that many people who road trip around Europe with children! Matt was once the Deputy Travel Editor for the Sunday Times, and is a pretty seasoned traveller himself, so you can see where we have things in common. A major difference between Matt and I, however, is that he is funny! I can’t write funny, but he does. I hope you enjoy his post! (By the way, Matt has written two novels about family life: William Walker’s First Year of Marriage and William’s Progress, two children and a wife must be great inspiration!)
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More of What We Do

I thought I’d share a little of the last week with you.  When What We Do was posted, I was actually in Belgium at the time, on a camping holiday with my husband, my brother from Australia, my grandmother from South Africa (aged 74, mind you) and my 8 month old daughter. Even though the Carnival of Natural Parenting day is over, I thought this tied in so well with it, a part 5, so to speak.

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365-105 to 365-111 A Week in Pictures

We have had a great week here. It started with a flight to Norway, and although constantly aware of volcanic activity we had a great, and largely unaffected time. My sister met us at the airport and treated us all the way around Oslo and beyond.

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