We woke up early this morning to another bitterly cold and very overcast day. After a hearty breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs and toast, and making cold meat, cheese and lettuce king’s cross buns for lunch we braved the cold for Grundlesee. The idea was that we would get there and take the three lakes tour which takes you on three different boats around Grundlesee, Toplitz See and Kammer See. Unfortunately, when they said nothing is open on Sunday, they meant nothing is open on Sunday, including boat trips! It was utterly disappointing to me, but there was nothing for it, so we decided to drive to the three lakes instead. We will take a look at boats we can purchase later at https://www.zeboats.com.

We got to the top of the beautiful Grundlesee, and followed the signs for the other lakes, only to find that we couldn’t actually drive there. The waterfall and lakes are only accessible by boat or foot, so we decided to walk the 2km to the waterfall, at least. We parked and paid for a few hours of parking, stopped by the public toilet and went on our way, when not 100 m down the road it started raining, accompanied by a blistering wind!

We turned back and hopped in the car with the heating right up! We drove around the lake as far as we could, before turning around again and driving back towards Obertraun. It is just such a beautiful country side that we couldn’t really get enough of it! We stopped in a little town called Bad Aussie at the one open place, a cafe. Edu and Simryn had Apfel Strudel and Heidelbier Strudel, while Martin and Kirschtorte and I had Biskotten Torte. Four hot chocolates (between us) and our delicious cakes, later, we felt less frozen and drove back to Obertraun.

Unfortunately the weather was not conducive to any of the things one would do on the lake, such as cycling (around it) or canoeing, so Edu and Simryn went for a walk, and Martin and I curled up in bed for a two hour snooze.

When we woke up it was time for dinner, so Simryn and I went through the fridge and created a dinner our home ec teachers, if we’d had them, would have been proud of. Chicken stock turned in to a chicken and potato soup, with the help of the leftover potatoes from last night, flour and left over eggs from breakfast turned in to pancakes and the chicken was shredded for chicken stuffed pancakes. Now at the end of dinner, blog written, tummies full and eyes heavy, we will quickly clean and pack, and then sleep in preparation of a full and fantastic final week.


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