Hello Baby,

We went recently for your abnormality scan. It’s the scan that happens around 20 or 22 weeks where the doctor looks at you for ages, then tells us if there’s anything wrong with you that we need to know about.  Although we weren’t really concerned, there is a little voice in the back of your head that still asks the nagging question, “what if?”.  As I said to Daddy the night before the scan, if tomorrow they tell us something is wrong with the baby, these are the last hours we have of a normal life!  It was quite a daunting thought.

Fortunately, the scan went really well!  We don’t want to know till you arrive whether you’re a boy or a girl, so the doctor gave us a picture of your face.  You have a tiny little nose and chin, and I think you’re going to be very cute!!Pregnancy Week 22

During the scan the doctor measures all your limbs, and the size of your kidneys and lungs, and makes sure you have the right amount of everything.  She showed us your eye sockets, your nose, even your kidneys and lungs, and your ears. She showed us your tiny little fingers and we were able to count and see that you had all ten, and then she showed us tiny little bones that were all ten your toes.  It was so lovely seeing you move your hands and clench and unclench your fists.  You weren’t moving, because you were asleep, and no matter how much she prodded, you weren’t budging! You’re definitely your father’s child! Getting him up in the morning is quite a challenge too 🙂

When the doctor had finished measuring you, she put all the data in to her computer, and came back with the results that you were absolutely perfectly strong and healthy and growing well. You are also a bit taller than the ‘average’ size babies, your legs being at almost the top of the scale! So you’re definitely going to fit in to this family! Your Daddy is really tall, and your uncle Ziech is even taller than him!Baby at 22 weeks

It was really wonderful seeing you again, and Daddy and I loved it. When the doctor gave us this photo of you, Daddy couldn’t stop staring at it. I think he’s going to be quite easy to wrap around your very tiny little fingers! He adores you already.

So that was your completely normal abnormality scan, and now we have a very long wait till we can see you again!

Love you baby,


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