So, 40 weeks came and went, and baby Button not only didn’t show, but didn’t even pretend to be interested! Not a twinge or a flutter other than ordinary ‘I’m comfy in here’ kicks and moves.

I went to Greenwich with my mom and dad to walk around a bit, hopefully get things moving and get the action going – it’s almost the end of September, and it’s almost my 30th, and I’d love this little one to grace us with his/her presence before then. Mom and Dad spent the afternoon walking from Greenwich to the London Eye (a very long walk) but I went to Sainsbury’s to buy some groceries.  While there I had a rather strong abdominal pain, and thought this might be it, but it quickly passed and the nervous looking young guy ahead of me in the queue offered to carry my bags to the car for me.  He did look relieved when I said I was okay!

I arrived home and spent the rest of the afternoon napping, and Martin joined me. It was great to spend the afternoon lying in my husband’s arms as dappled sunlight filtered through the half drawn blinds. It felt peaceful, and relaxed.


My favourite midwife, Zainab, arrived this morning for my final check. I’m technically now Due + 1, she feels that everything is fine, so much so that she has said that she’d really like to be present at our birth due to our relaxed and confident attitude! That was quite encouraging to hear at this stage of the game!

The baby is now 3/5ths engaged, so has definitely moved further down than last week, but there’s been no other signs.

Dad has made us a lovely curry for dinner, spicy enough to get my nose running but not, it seems spicy enough for Button to make an appearance.


Okay Button!  Your cot is ready, bedding washed, car seat clean and ready to be installed, nappy bag packed, clothes all dried and hung up and a stash of nappies ready for use.  The birth box is packed and the pool is in the kitchen ready and waiting. Batteries are charged, cameras are ready, and there’s a blank tape in the video camera.  Really, all that’s missing now is any sign whatsoever that you’re on your way!  Your  aunty Deshaine is arriving in London today and really, most of my world is waiting with bated breath for any information on you.  We are all ready baby.  Daddy and I are waiting.

Pregnancy Week 40


Well, no September baby for us! Today is the 1st of October, and I’ve not had a twinge even. I am starting to feel a bit worried about my post date appointment at the hospital on Monday.  I really don’t want to have to go to the hospital, have a sweep, an induction or any other intervention, as interventions are proven to lead to other interventions and to more painful labours.  And let’s face it, who wants a more painful labour?  I was two weeks late, and my mom had to be induced. My sister was three and a half weeks late, and born on holiday in a different city!  This does not bode well for those who came from all over the world to see my baby!  I know being anxious doesn’t really help matters, and certainly won’t encourage the baby to be born, but still I can’t help feeling a little bit concerned.

Deshaine joined us today and we went to the Horniman museum. It was a lovely autumn day in London. The sun shone and we

My visiting family
My visiting family

strolled the museum and aquarium and walked around the garden where there were still some remnants of summer in the beautiful floral displays. A cup of hot chocolate and some rich chocolate cake later we returned home, where Dad made some good ol’ fashioned Vetkoek.  They were delicious and it was great spending time with at least half of my family. It’s unusual enough having us all in one room. Tomorrow I turn 30.  Well, there’s one thing I didn’t get to do by the time I was 30, and that was become a mom. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.


I’m officially 30, and I’m pleased to say I’m totally okay with it. Everyone always frets about thirty, but it holds no fears for me.  How can it when I face the most beautiful time of my life, and it’s coming so soon!

40 + 4 weeks pregnant, my tiny sister almost fades away
40 + 4 weeks pregnant, my tiny sister almost fades away

I had a terrible night’s sleep, waking three times to have something for heartburn, twice to go to the toilet and then from 3am, I woke up on and off with contractions. I know that early labour  contractions are just for ‘practice’ so I aimed to try to sleep through them. I didn’t quite achieve it, as I did wake up with each one, but it wasn’t so painful and I was able to go back to sleep.  At 8.30 I woke up and went to the bathroom again. There I had the bloody show which I was quite excited about as I thought I’d missed it with one of my night time bathroom trips.  I was quite excited, and had to share the news with Martin and my folks.

As it is my birthday, and I’m not desperate to share the day, I decided to take it very easy and spend it on the sofa.  I did so, and found the contractions ebbed and flowed depending on how active I was.

We had a lovely pizza dinner, and Martin bought a gorgeous Thornton’s birthday cake which we enjoyed before I had a long hot bath.  During labour, before the water’s break, it’s really useful to have a bath to determine whether it’s false labour or true labour. In false labour, the warm water will make the contractions go away, but in true labour, they will continue. Mine continued, so I am of the opinion that Button should be joining us sometime tomorrow or Sunday!  How exciting!

I lay in the bath listening to the Hypnobabies – Come Out Baby MP3, and felt so totally relaxed and calm that even the rushes of contractions weren’t too bad. While I was bathing, Martin and the family jumped in to the kitchen converting it from family kitchen in to sterile birthing environment. The kitchen trolley is now a resuscitation table, the counters are clean and ready. All my herbal medicines are laid out ready for use, and candles are spread out.  The video camera is set up, the midwives’ light and mirror in place and the birthpool is in the centre of the room, ready for my signal.

I feel really blessed to have such a fantastic support network around us at the moment. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming having so many people in the house, but honestly, my mom, dad and sister have really made this week so much more bearable by filling our home with peace and love and togetherness.

We prayed together this evening, and now everyone is in bed, and I’m about to go to sleep.  Tomorrow I might become a mommy, Martin a daddy and us together, a family. That’s a spectacular thought, and we are ready baby. We are ready and waiting for you.

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Pregnancy Week 40 – Day By Day

  1. My Most Beautiful Friend,
    I would type something beautiful and meaningful if I thought I could match your words – but I cannot. (Not to mention the tears of joy are blocking my thoughts anyway!) All I can say is, “Thank you so much for honoring me with your friendship and for sharing this very special time with me. You are going to be such a wonderful and loving Momma and Beautiful Kyra is so blessed to have you, Sir Martin, and your joint families to bring her up in the world. My Prayer is your walk will be blessed throughout by love, laughter and many happy memories made.”

    Oh yeah, and I Love You~

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