Dear Squidgy

Well, we’ve made it to and through 19 weeks, and it’s been one heck of a busy week.

Let’s see – on Thursday, which is your ‘official’ 19 week date, we had a visit from our lovely midwife. She checked my blood pressure, which was quite low, but normal for me. The urine test was perfect, and my favourite part of the visit? Listening to your heart beat. Daddy came down from the office, and him and Ameli and I listened to your heart beat. It’s strong and regular and beautiful.

squidgy’s heartbeat

That was really great. I don’t have another appointment until November now, I think, but I’m trusting in you and in me and in our ability to pull through this together. The midwife, Jane, thinks you’re quite small, and the scan shows you on the smaller side of the scales, which worries me a bit as your sister was on the highest side of the scale! I’m sure it’s fine – you’re a different person, maybe you  have your Granny Geraldine’s height… she’s nice and small. I’m trying not to worry. I know worry does neither of us any good.

On Friday I went to London for the MAD Blog Awards, but I didn’t win the Inspirational Blogger award (I think I got fourth place, based on the press release, so fourth most inspirational blogger in the UK isn’t too bad!). It was a great evening, but thoroughly exhausting.

We had Ameli’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday, and while it was a fun day, I must admit it pushed me to my limit so that on Sunday, my birthday, we pretty much stayed home all day! I was SO tired. You’re great and all, but building you is simply tiring, my baby!

On Monday we went to Legoland for a family day out to celebrate the two birthdays and I kept seeing mamas with babies in slings, in prams and heavily pregnant, and I simply couldn’t wait to take you there. I know you won’t remember it or anything, but I can’t wait, anyway. Seeing other mothers with their tiny babies made me so excited to hold a newborn again. More so that that newborn is mine.

I’m told, by the ‘books’ that you can hear things now, so I’m talking to you more, and I’m thinking you’re going to love the songs we sing these days already since you hear them all the time already.

You’ve become so much more real to me over the last couple of weeks. With the sickness slowly reducing – not going away, just not as intense – I can finally start thinking happy thoughts, and looking forward to your life with us.

Love you already my darling child.




Pregnancy Week 19 – Falling In Love With You

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