I’ve never been a curry fan. I’ve only ever once eaten food at an Indian restaurant. I just don’t like it. The same can be said for spicy things. I love Thai food, but not if it’s spicy. Black pepper is as hot as I go. Then I fell pregnant with Ameli and when I finally could eat again, around 20 weeks, I started wanting chilli flakes on everything. I mean, I even put it on my omelettes! After Ameli’s birth, my food preferences went more or less back to ‘normal’ with the exception that I now quite like slightly spicy food.

This time round, I’m off meat again, and with the exception of Salmon Sashimi (I know the guidelines say you shouldn’t eat it, but I’m sure the Japanese women still do!), I currently can’t eat any meat, chicken or fish. I have, however, developed a desire for… curry. Vegetarian of course.  With the help of the Green Parent forum, and a few recipe books, I’ve been cooking a few vegetarian curries of late, and as a family, we’ve all enjoyed it!

Thanks for joining us for our pic of the week!



Pic Of The Week 38 – Yummy Curry

  1. Love it! I never liked *anything* spicy and wouldn’t even eat black pepper… until I was pregnant with my 2nd child. My taste buds completely opened up or changed or whatever. Once I realized that, I started trying lots of things I had never liked! And I still like spicy food now. 😀

    And I love sushi! Craved it during last pregnancy AND this one. You might find my post on the topic amusing: Japanese Women have Worms?

  2. It’s amazing how much your tastes change around pregnancy, isn’t it? I crave broccoli, mango, and spicy spicy food when I’m pregnant (mostly indian and mexican) So, of course, my kids adore those foods now. My 14mo’s favorite food is tikka masala. Ha!

  3. I love curry! I’ve made my favourite tonight – cauliflower, chickpea, and mushroom. (Usually with sweet potato too, but I don’t have any in.) Yum.

    My tastes change when pregnant too though – I never could drink tea before I was pregnant with Jenna and now I drink lots of the stuff, though I permenantly went off milk at that same time. And usually I like sweet foods but when I’m pregnant I just want savoury with lots of protein!

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