Hello Baby,

I’m your mommy. I found out about you a week ago, and I’ve been wanting to write to you and welcome you, but I must say, I’ve been so busy it’s been hard to sit down and find a gap to form the thoughts in my head into words.

So, how did it happen? Well, I just felt ‘funny’ and was pretty certain I’d missed my period (if you’re a boy and that’s TMI, I apologise!) so I found a pregnancy test in the cupboard and it came up with the faintest of lines.  Daddy and Ameli were at the shops, so I had to wait for them to come home, and I was dying to know if the test was right. I couldn’t sit still and almost tidied the whole house before they came home. When they did, I told Daddy about the positive test and he was so happy he  went straight out again to buy a digital test that tells you how far along you are.

He brought the test back, I did it again, and it said 1 – 2 weeks.  Daddy was really happy. I was probably a little more in shock, but I was definitely happy too.  We told Ameli, but she’s too small to really understand what it means. But she was excited and bounced all over her bed saying “Baby!”

Going by my own dates and guestimates, I suspect you’re now 4 weeks old (hence your first letter is called week 4).  I must admit, while I’m excited, I am also quite scared. When I was pregnant with Ameli it was at 5 weeks that I started getting really, really, really sick and I’m a little afraid.  I guess knowledge of what may lie ahead has coloured my excitement just a little bit, but don’t be afraid, Squidgy. At least this time I know what to do about it. I keep having flashbacks to Ameli’s first days, months, weeks, and I can’t wait to experience it all again. I keep saying to Daddy that I can’t wait to feel you move, so that I know everything is alright.

I have a good 12 or so weeks to wait, but in the meantime, you hold on tight, hang in there where it’s cozy, and know that mommy and daddy love the idea of you so much already. (And, for the record, Daddy’s been waiting for you for almost a year already!)

Lots of love



Finding Out – Baby Talk, Week 4

  1. Thanks for this post! Having a baby can indeed change your life. That’s why you should be ready for it. The process may not be easy, but at the end, the moment that you see your baby, i know that all the pain will be worth it.

  2. this is sweet
    i had planned to do something like this and never did. so i will be starting a journal possibly online and write to my baby about her milestones and memories

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