Letter To Squidgy – 42 Weeks And 4 Days: The Start Of A Birth Story

  1. Blimey you’ve beaten my 15 days overdue! In a way I suppose I was lucky for not having any midwives and doctors harassing me into anything where I couldn’t get registered on the health system before the birth – you should have seen the midwives faces in the hospital when I turned up with barely any notes and at 15 days overdue with what they thought was a massive baby (he was 9lb 9oz but here they’re used to 5 – 7lbers!) then refused any pain relief – they give you an epidural when you sneeze out here! I know how frustrating it is to go over, for me it was the not knowing if the baby was ok, although I knew in my own mind that he was as he was so active in the last few weeks, just like squidgy. I think my dates were wrong too, they would have put me in a hotel room with my daughter at the time so I don’t think he was the 15 days over they claimed he was, more like 5! Good Luck with everything and hopefully your next post will be one introducing squidgy! x

  2. I have tears in my eyes and I totally feel for you under this medical pressure. Our daughter was born en caul at 42 weeks and 6 days after much anticipation and doctors in the family that threatened to take me to the hospital. Everything ended beautifully. Have confidence in yourself, in your baby. It will come when the time is right. It may be today, tomorrow or the day after that, but it will come. Cherish that first moment of holding the little one, you will have earned it!

  3. Reading this bought back so many memories of my 2nd pregnancy…

    My baby boy was eventually born (VBAC) at 42 weeks and 2 days according to my dates after lots of people told me I was insane to wait that long, and how dangerous it was. Thankfully I had a great OB who knew how much I wanted a VBAC and so after telling me all the facts as he saw it we negotiated and set a final, if nothing else has happened date for a c-sec.

    Ironically I went into labor 36 hours before the c-section date and he was born, without fuss, or even much pain, 6 hours before I was due to be sectioned.

    Wishing you a beautiful labor and birth and lots of positive vibes!

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