Things have been really busy in our little family the last few weeks. We seem to be settled in to our new roles of father, mother and baby, and by the looks of things, we’re all adapting to these roles quite well. I can’t believe that Ameli is 8 weeks old already, and the changes are phenomenal. Every day seems to bring something new.

She’s found her voice, and has started making little sounds that make our hearts break. It’s the cutest thing. She has also started following fingers, faces and people with her eyes and has discovered that kicking the animals in her playgym makes them move.

Even my dress is too short now

Even my dress is too short now

I saw a newborn in town yesterday, and it was only then that I realised how much she had grown. I bought her a dress for Christmas, and found myself quite upset by the fact that although she could probably still fit in a 0-3 month dress, it would be a much wiser move to buy the 3 – 6 month so she can wear it beyond Christmas too! I glazed over and had to take a deep breath to keep my eyes from welling up. I’m not ready for her to not be a new baby anymore.

Last night when I was dressing her for sleep, I put one of her first babygrows on, and although it buttoned up fine, I knew that it was tight and that she could no longer stretch her legs out, but I fought with it. “You…will…fit…in…to…this”. I’m just not ready for her to grow up yet.

But I realised, as I watched my curled up (due to being unable to stretch her legs) baby sleep, that this is a losing battle, and it is time to let her grow. Just to let her grow. I know I have some time yet, before nurseries, school, life all take her from me, but I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be when the time comes that I have to let her go. In the meantime I will hold on tight to these moments, and I’ll go through her closet and let go of the items that too quickly have become too small.

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