Hooray for me! I’ve managed to get to 100! That’s pretty good for someone with the inclination to start things and the seeming inability to complete them!


I’m really excited about this year. About using my blog to document my journey through becoming a better photographer, becoming more proficient in my use of herbs for medicinal and household purposes, the growth and development of my lovely daugher and notes about any travels we might be able to undertake in this year. My 100th post also coincides with the start of the 365 project, so look out for those posts!

There are things I am passionate about, and these are things the things I talk about and share about.

A big thanks to those who’ve been reading from the start, and for newbies, I hope you’ll enjoy my pages.

If you haven’t yet, please join my RSS feed, and leave a comment from time to time, so that I know you’re there!

Here’s looking forward to the next 100!

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