Anktangle is another fab blog on my feed and one I’d love to share with my readers. Anktangle is written by Amy, a Registered Nurse turned Work from Home Mama to Daniel, who is soon coming up for his second birthday.

Daniel has Sensory Processing Disorder, and Amy writes about sensory processing and its impact on their family life. She also writes about all things Attachment Parenting, and has a Foodie Friday series on healthy eating.

I particularly love the story of Amy and Jaymz’ wedding – in a Starbucks! Like I needed more excuses to love Starbucks?

There’s an incredibly moving post about milk sharing, and Amy’s involvement in breastfeeding a baby whose mother was in hospital and who was refusing a bottle.  Amy received a lot of questions about her cross-nursing experience and shares them in this post.

There’s also a fantastic flow chart of how to get out of conversations you don’t want to be a part of in the post Explain, Smile, Escape.

I like Anktangle, because it’s an easy to read blog, full of the beauty of a real parent, in a real world, and while Amy strives for certain things in her own life, she isn’t preachy and isn’t judgemental in any way.

I hope you like it too!

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Friday Features: “Anktangle”

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