I have written a bit about Hyperemesis Gravidarum this week, because, well, I’m living it right now.

Apart from one commenter who ventured ‘everyone has morning sickness, just get plenty of rest’ before linking me to a spam site, everyone has been so supportive and I’m so grateful for that.

I’ve been doing my usual thing and reading a lot about the condition and what’s worked for different people, and Attached Mummy wrote a post about Hyperemesis Gravidarum on the same day I did, but I thought hers was much more informative, succinct and somewhat less emotional, since she’s written it after the pregnancy.

As you know, I prefer a drug free pregnancy, but AM’s argument at the end of the post that actively choosing to have drugs during pregnancy is often seen as putting your own needs in front of the baby’s, which I thought was an interesting, and possibly accurate assessment.

What really struck me about her article, however, was this:

Pregnancy is not just about the baby, how a mother feels during this stage of her life is important too. Indeed, how we perceive ourselves as mothers is a process which starts during pregnancy, so a lack of support and an abundance of criticism is unlikely to produce very confident mothers.

That is so incredibly true and so valuable. I’m always saying about mothers following their instincts – and that has to start during pregnancy, because that’s our practice period.

By the way, I feel a lot better today. The meds are working and I’m able to keep small portions of plain foods down. Yay.


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  1. As a woman who suffered from ptyalism… I feel your pain! Glad you’re feeling better. Long may it continue.

    Mars xx

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