A little note to those of you who follow my blog by RSS.

I have decided to change to a Feedburner feed so that I can keep track better track of things around here. If you have been following by RSS your feed has come from If you can, please update that to now come from

If all that sounds a bit like Greek to you, then hit the ‘subscribe in reader’ button on the right and it should happen easily.

Thank you so much for your continued support. I love writing my blog, and I love knowing that you’re there, reading.

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If you follow by RSS, please update my feed address

    1. @natalie, Thanks for the comment Natalie. I must admit, I’m not impressed. Since I changed to feedburner, my subscribers have dropped down to 2, and I know that’s not accurate, but I cant figure out how to ‘fix’ it. I’m sorely tempted just to go back to my old feed URL! Is yours working okay?

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