Teething has always been a problem for my little girl. From eight weeks old she’s suffered on and off, and at nine months she has four teeth. We have tried everything natural, and have had great success with various teething products, but I’m always happy to try different natural alternatives. Our most recent trial has been Bickiepegs.

Bickiepegs were developed in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1925 by a pediatrician, Harry Campbell. Considered to provide the correct jaw strengthening exercises to develop a baby’s chewing skills, these biscuits also provide pain relief in teething.

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In appearance they resemble concrete blocks in both look and feel. They have a hole on one side, and come complete with ribbon for threading through and attaching to a button hole or pinning to a child’s clothing.

Admittedly, we found it easier for our daughter to hold them herself, although that does result in a lot of time spent searching for where she last left it! When we’re out and about in the sling, it’s better to have them attached so that they don’t land up on the floor either.

Bickiepegs consist of wheatflour, wheatgerm and water and as such are Kosher and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, but not for the gluten-intolerant. They have no added sugar, sweetener, colourings or flavourant – which is also their downside, because they tend to taste a little like sucking on cardboard.

This is okay, though, as they are not meant to be bitten and swallowed, but rather sucked on, chewed and gnawed. In fact, the packaging recommends that biscuits not be eaten for more than 20 minutes before being discarded as they can soften and become a choking hazard. I suspect that if your child is on solids this won’t be much of a problem, although we still replace the Bickiepeg each day (during times when teething is problematic).

Because they consist of food products and nothing else, I feel that these are better teething toys than plastic rings, which can contain BPA, PVC and all the other things that make up plastic. They are also more hygienic, since they are discarded at the end of each day.

Bickiepegs come in packs of nine costing just £1.84 and are available online, or from Boots, Asda and leading pharmacies (prices may vary).


Bickiepegs – A Teething Alternative

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