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Our last house was a lovely place. It was large, by London standards, and it was light and airy. Unfortunately in the winter, that was also it’s problem: it was very, very cold. Considering how cold it has been this winter, I was very glad we weren’t there as without Thermal Insulation Window Systems, it must have been freezing.

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know I’m pretty keen on environmentally friendly living, so when I was approached to write about energy saving blinds, I thought it a good opportunity to find out more, because now that I’m not returning to full time work, any chance of saving money works for me!
So, what are money saving blinds?

Well, Tuiss blinds come in three energy saving choices 9%, 12% and 15%. According to their website, The installation of these blinds can reduce the total household energy usage by up to 9%, 12% or 15%, a huge benefit when even the best performing windows lose five times as much heat as the same area of wall.

AZ Window Tint also reflects the heat of the sun back out before it has a chance to convert to heat, causing sun facing rooms to be cooler.

Heat loss through windows is greatest at night so pull these thermal blinds down, conserve energy and save money to boot. Also, using aluminium windows cardiff can help you achieve the natural light coming from outside. You can also get spray foam insulation through experts like an insulation company to significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills. You can also consider hiring trusted loft insulation installation services to get the best solutions for your home. You can also Insulate Your Walls Externally with Experts.

The 15% blinds can save you up to £133 a year, 12% can save up to £110 a year, and the 9% blinds can save you up to £77 a year. Aside from blinds, homeowners also often install roller Shutters WA to reduce energy consumption up to 60%.

As for the blinds themselves, they are 100% polyester and has been especially designed and coated to be thermally efficient. The manufacture of the fabric isn’t particularly environmentally friendly but once the blinds are put to use they bring real eco benefit by reducing energy consumption unfortunately I can’t find a comparison to say how long they have to be in use to cancel out the effect of their manufacturing. You can also Visit thermal-imaging.uk to help you determine where you can further improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Packaging for Tuiss blinds is as environmentally friendly as possible while still protecting your blinds. All of the cardboard used is recycled, the sticky tape uses a waterbased glue and the bubble wrap is biodegradable.

Windows have a lifespan of about 20 to 30 years on average. Houses with windows older than that will likely benefit from having new window installation Leesburg.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has used energy saving blinds. Have you found them to save you money? Do leave a comment and let me know!

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Tuiss – Energy Saving Blinds

  1. I purchased some of these blinds for my living room and I have been amazed by the results! I actually purchased some of the Duotherm energy saving blinds in white, highly recommended!

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