We practice baby led weaning in our home. This week, you’ll find a couple of posts here on the practice of baby led weaning. It is one of the parenting things I am most grateful for having found.

At the same time, I’m also a big fan of Plum Baby food.

So, why do I dislike purée feeding, but like a baby food company? Because the quality of their other foods is superb.

Their breakfast cereals, for example the muesli with strawberry and banana, contains organic oats, banana, rice flour, amaranth, strawberry and quinoa. This cereal contains gluten, but some of the others don’t. Have you spotted what’s missing? SUGAR. Compare this with most other breakfasts for children – or for adults for that matter? I love that these have no added sugar. (Which means I can add Xylitol for sweetness, all the while helping strengthen her teeth against cavities.)

What about their snacks?Plum baby

Savoury bakes with carrots, parmesan, Spelt breadsticks of different flavours, oat rounds, and multigrain rings. And again, no sugar.

I went to a local healthfood shop and bought Ameli some lovely nut and seed bars. Until I got home and looked at the ingredients and found it was sugar or caramel holding them together.

The savoury snacks have no salt, and ingredients differ, but these have gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free options and are suitable for vegetarians.

There’s also strawberry and peach yoghurt, and guess what? No added sugar. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

Why my issue with sugar? Well, I don’t have one. I think it’s fine – not good, but fine – as part of a balanced diet, but the problem we find is that everywhere we go, Ameli is offered sweets. Lollipops, chewy sweets, and packets of crisps. It’s on offer everywhere, and everyone wants to give her a treat, so sugar is definitely not a required food source in her at home diet.

So… that’s why I like Plum Baby. Even though I don’t believe in the necessity for purées and definitely do not recommend them from 4 months old, in a free market, it’s a good thing that we can pick and choose the things we want to use and the things we don’t.

Now, on to the giveaway…

Plum are offering two hampers worth £25 each to two Diary of a First Child readers. The hampers will contain items from their range, but no purees.  The competition closes on the 21st of March at 12:00 noon and a winner will be randomly selected using random.org

To enter the giveaway, head over to Plum’s website, choose a product you like, come back here and leave a comment telling me what it is and what age child it would be for, should you win.

You can also follow Plum on Facebook, which will give you an additional entry if you leave another comment saying you have or do.

And the winners are: Galina V and Anne Stone. Thanks to everyone who entered, and to Plum for these great prizes!


You do not have to tweet or share this competition to enter, but doing so helps ensure that I can keep bringing you giveaways! You can subscribe to Diary of a First Child by RSS or email. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. We hope to see you back again soon!


Plum Baby Giveaway

  1. Many thanks from Eddie and me for the most wonderful hamper full of Plum goodies. There are lots of new flavours to explore for my little one. He has tried spelt breadsticks with pecorino cheese, and absolutely loved them.
    Thank you, Luschka, for a fab giveaway!

  2. I love the plum baby first tastes porridge. I am just starting to wean my little one and I know with plum baby he is getting the best with natural ingredients and no hidden nasties.
    Mummy to a little boy aged 5 months.

  3. Four grain super porridge with apple and apricot – for my 8 month old. I give him baby porridge/cereal for breakfast most days.

  4. The giant couscous with chicken, squash and red pepper for 12+ months. Handy for when I haven’t been shopping

  5. I think the Snacks look good, and useful for outings. My 20 month grandson would enjoy them.

  6. I like the look of Spelt Breadsticks with tomato & herbs – might be tempted to eat them myself.

  7. My daughter LOVES the oat rounds with orange oil and ginger – she is 5 now, and I use them for her ‘snack’ at school!
    A great alternative to rubbish (:

  8. Buttery root vegetables with green lentils It hink would be great meal for 6 months + full of natural vegetable goodness

  9. Chickpea and chicken tagine – yum! How posh! For my daughter who is 10 months next week.

  10. Spelt fingers with apple my little un cant get enough! Lauren is 10 months. Also liking on facebook!

  11. My kiddeis love the pouches esp Blueberry, banana and vanilla pouch – they are so handy to have in your handbag when out and about

  12. My choice is the Spelt Fingers with apple for my little one who is 8 months old. She just loves finger foods at the moment and these snacks sound perfect for her!

  13. I’d love to win this as a surprise for my friend and her 2 year old boy 🙂 The fromage frais look delicious and totally natural.

  14. I chose Multigrain rings with Gouda & Cheddar, suitable from 12 months. I love these as they are gluten & wheat free. Sophie is 6 months at the moment, so it won’t be long till she can enjoy them.

    i like the plum FB page and follow on Twitter x

    Thanks for the great giveaway:)


  15. Squash and sweet potato pouch.

    I have used these pouches so many times. Both baby and 4 year old enjoy these and the fruit ones are even good for lunch boxes.

    Great for taking out, no mess, great food, thanks Plum!

  16. Wow, there’s alot of hidden sugar about.

    All these foods look delicious, but spelt fingers with pomegranate are a great first weaning food.

  17. The banana strawberry and raspberry pouch looks like a great first food or delicious for babies in porridge or older children over ice cream.

    If I won I’d give the prize to my friends with 7 month old twins who are being weaned at the moment.

  18. my son loves the Oat rounds with orange oil and ginger as a tasty snack!
    with another baby on the way i would love to have a hamper for his/her first foods :O)

  19. Spelt Fingers with Pomegranate are perfect for my 7 month old. They’re just the right size for him to hold and he likes dipping biscuits, cookies, and fingers (edible ones and his own!) into purees and then stuffs the fingers into his mouth.

    I also like they are flavoured with spelt syrup and not refined sugar. I am actually quite shocked that certain brands of baby food add sugar to their cereals and jars!!

  20. I like the Savoury bakes with carrot – high in Vitamin B1, they would make the ideal snack for son (18 months)

  21. I will be buying the plum fromage frais from now on reading that the petit filous have that much sugar! We have just started baby led weaning at 6 months and looking for inspiration and plum products sound delicious and healthy! My little girl is loving food so im sure would love to try any of these.

  22. Omg lol. LOVING the Multigrain rings with Gouda & Cheddar
    worryingly making my mouth water sat here!Would be for Max, aged 12 months. He’d love to get his hungry little hands on some Plum goodies x

  23. I love the look of Four grain super porridge with mango & banana – I’d eat that myself or share it with my son Aidan once we start weaning him!

  24. Sweet cape curry with beef & green lentils
    My son would love this, he is 18 months old 🙂 Have liked on fb as well

  25. I like the look of the Root Vegetable and Beef Ragout for 10+ months.
    My son Jamie is just discovering chewing and LOVE’s his food

  26. I love making up my little man’s food myself and always use organic veg, having said that when I do buy ready made stuff it’s usually by Plum Baby. Little man likes the Minted peas with lamb & redcurrants pouch and he’s 7 months old.

  27. My daughter who is six months old is a big fan of the Plum Baby range. Whilst I’m making the majority of her food myself, I have added in a couple of plum purees, and she is a massive fan of the breakfast cereals her favorite being the Four Grain Super Porridge with Mango and banana. Would love this prize.

  28. Lemon chicken, sweetcorn & tarragon , will be for my 8 month old if i win , i have also joined on facebook.

  29. The peach and pear pounch is my 5month old daughters favourite, I’m so glad she loves fruit now i’ll never haveto force her to eat healthy…until shes a teen.

  30. I would love the Four grain super porridge. My baby is 7 months old and is Lactose intolerent. I am struggling to find products that are dairy free for her breakfast. This would be great. 🙂

  31. After hearing that Petit Filous contains 3 teaspoons of sugar, I like the fromage frais. It would be for my 4 month old daughter, although we are not planning to start weaning until she is 6 months old – and we are definitely hoping to do baby led weaning so I’m loving your blog posts on the subject!

  32. I like the peach and pear pouches for my 5 month old son, while we were advised to start him on solids earlier than the 6 months we had planned, he likes this, has no gluten (big for me as I have celiacs disease so want to avoid the gluten until at least 6 months) and he seems to do great between some pureed fruit along with breastmilk AND the pouches are easy to squeeze out a little into a bowl to feed him and save the rest for later, without the breakage worries of glass jars. A sealed pouch will also keep him occupied in a pinch

  33. We are big fans of Plum here. My 7-months-old Eddie loves Plum purees (blueberry banana and vanilla is his favourite, and who can argue, it is very tasty). He also eats his Fruity porridge with gusto, and yogurts too. He tried all 5 new Stage 1 dishes, and I thought the pumpkin, carrot and mango was a true winner.
    Thank you!

  34. The Four grain super porridge with mango & banana looks great. I would be giving this prize to a baby just ready to start weaning.

  35. We loved Plum’s Red Cabbage with apple and chicken – can’t wait to start weening baby no2 next! Baby is currently 4 months old.

  36. Savoury bakes with Parmesan would be great for my 2 year old – I’m always on the look out for non sugary snacks for her. I also love the Super Grain super porridge and will be using it when I wean my newborn son in a few months time.

  37. I like the Buttery root vegetables with green lentils. We are vegetarians here. I would give them to my son aged 1 and a half.

  38. I love the Plum spelt bread sticks with mild pecorino cheese. If I won, i would give them to my 13month old daughter freya.

  39. I like the Sweet Cape Curry with beef and green lentils, my 16 months old daughter would love this, especially how colourful it looks!

  40. We’ve not tried the Spelt Breadsticks with tomato & herbs yet. I love the way a Plum ingredients list reads just like you have made the food at home.

    I have followed you and Plum on FB and Twitter http://www.facebook.com/dougal1972 @dougal1972

    We’d love to win Plum products for 12 months+ please. Thank you for running the competition.

  41. The first solid food I ever gave my little boy was the PLUM 4 grain super porridge mixed with breast milk! Even though he’s now 10 months, whenever he is ill or feeling fussy we always come back to it because it’s his comfort food. It’s the only baby cereal I was ever tempted to buy.

  42. Multigrain Rings with Gouda & cheddar Cheese, great for my 16 month daughter,as they are for 12+ as she just loves cheese

  43. I currently use the Plum range of foods for my 7 month old daughter. Just had alook at the plum website and saw a Lemon Chicken Sweetcorn and Tarragon meal that I haven’t seen in my local supermarket.I think that she would love to try this one and me too heehee.Plum have a great range of products and tasty too

  44. I Love the Lemon chicken, sweetcorn & tarragon, age 7+ months its full of flavour and i find the pouches really useful especially when i’m out and about as you can use as much as you need and not worry about wastage or mess.

  45. French bean with beef and apple, 7+ for my 6 months old son. Absolutely love Plum baby food and tried every product available.

  46. ooohh like the look of the four grain super porridge with mango and banana. just started to wean my little one (5 months) and breakfast is a problem usually with lack of variety…thanks for reminding me about plum!

  47. my little one is 8 months and absolutely loves the Minted peas with lamb & redcurrants pouches , and in fact i quite like to finish any bits he leaves lol

  48. Four grain super porridge with mango & banana looks really good, I have coeliacs and so am very aware of what my family eat. My youngest children are 23 months and 10 months, and I think they would both love it!

  49. I like the Sweet Cape Curry with beef and green lentils, my 16 months old daughter would love this, especially how colourful it looks!

  50. I have twin boys and am delighted to have a product like Plum to use which I can put full faith in as a delicious and top quality brand. The boys LOVE Chickpea and Chicken Tangine – they can’t get enough of it and there are usually a few tears when they see the bowl is empty 🙂

  51. the french bean with beef for babies ovr 7months, these items are fantastic and the range of flavours for various ages very good and much enjoyed by the little one

  52. i love Four grain super porridge with mango & banana. It would be for my grandson Anthony who is 6 months should i be lucky enough to win

  53. should have said in my previous comment, my youngest child is 10 months and thats who it would be for if i was lucky enough to win. thanks

  54. i like the Multigrain rings with Gouda & Cheddar. I love plum baby food, i have used it with both my daughter and now with my son. i love that they detail out the ingredients of each product in full!


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