I’m still on the Ramsons this week – there are just so many of them, and so much you can do with them, it seems silly to keep them to one week.  Check last week’s post to find out more about where you can find Ramsons and poisonous lookalikes (which don’t smell like garlic at all).

Here’s a simple little recipe to try with your Ramsons and a few bits and pieces from the fridge.

I love Eggs. They are the best thing for turning a bunch of leftovers into a dinner.

For this Omelette you’ll need as much of each ingredient as you think each person would eat:

  • Mushrooms
  • Onion
  • Ramsons
  • Eggs, 2 per person
  • Salt and Pepper to season
  • Cheese to taste
  • Tomato and any other vegetables (optional)

Chop the mushrooms and onion roughly and fry until tender.

Add the chopped Ramsons and cook for another minute or two, till they are wilted.

Meanwhile, whisk the eggs till they are frothy. Lower the heat a little and pour directly into the pan. This will make the omelette light and fluffy.

Add a little grated cheese and salt and pepper, and cover with a lid until the egg is cooked on top.

Cut into as many pieces as you need and transfer carefully on to plates.

Add a couple of Ramson flowers for decoration and enjoy with toast.

  • The Ramson leaves can also be prepared as you would spinach. The garlic flavour is a lot milder in the spring than the smell of garlic would suggest.
  • Try adding Ramson leaves or flowers to savoury muffins or scones, or you could make Ramson gnocchi.

Always remember the rules of foraging for food.


Foraging For Food – Ramson (Wild Garlic) Omelettes

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