When Ameli was just starting to walk, I took her out onto the grass one day and she hated it. She screamed, wanted up and cried. I was mortified at the thought that my London-born, concrete jungle baby might not like the outdoors. I was assured by friends that this was not abnormal, and that she just needed to get used it.  Fortunately, they were somewhat accurate, but I did decide  there and then that Ameli would need to go barefoot more often. I’m not exactly a farm child, myself, but I love being barefoot, and I love being in slops/flipflops/thongs – whatever you call them where you’re from. Unfortunately, living in the wettest country in the world, with more overcast, cloudy or cold days than sunny ones, barefoot or summery shoes aren’t always practical, especially for a child, so I was really excited to discover these VivoBarefoot shoes when I was invited to the Canoe Inc. Press Event. So what is VivoBarefoot? It’s a range of footwear designed in conjunction with podiatrists to mimic walking barefoot. Now, I’d be lying if I said  I understood this, and as with everything else, ‘like’ nature isn’t as good as nature itself, but it’s a huge step forward from regular shoes – which, of course, we still use too, but  it’s good have these as a viable option. These shoes come with no heel, no midsole, no arch support, and no gimmicks. They make the 200,000 nerve endings, 33 muscles, 28 bones and 19 ligaments in the foot do the work they were meant to do.  There’s a whole lot of science behind it, which you can read more about. Now, I’ve not tried these myself, but from a mother’s perspective, here’s what I think: The Vivobarefoot shoes for children are great. They are easy to put on and  keep on with a Velcro strap, and they look really pretty. We chose the pink Pally set, and they just look comfortable. Which they seem to be. While Ameli loves wearing shoes, she does tend to take them off after not too long, but from the first time we used these, Ameli wore them the whole day without taking them off once.  Also, they seem to have a pretty fair  grip, as she is a rather clumsy little girl and trips over herself quite easily. In these  she doesn’t fall over quite as much – whether that’s too do with the sole, or the way she’s walking I’m not sure, but they are useful. VivoBarefoot do say that the soles are puncture resistant and provide all the health benefits of walking barefoot. While not the cheapest shoes on the market – and do you want to put developing feet into the cheapest on the market? – the VivoBarefoot shoes we’ve trialled are well made, waterproof, and good quality. As compared to other shoes  we’ve had, they’ve not developed cracks or had glue come loose, so that’s a definite winner, making them value for money, in my book.

Personally, considering that Ameli’s feet are going to have to carry her around for the rest of her life, I’m happier to spend a little more money on something that’s good for her, even if it means having a few less shoes in the wardrobe.

Competition VivoBarefoot is a lovely company, with a fantastic client-centred ethos.  They are offering  a Diary of a First Child reader the opportunity to try a pair of Pally VivoBarefoot shoes worth £49. To be in with a chance to win, visit VivoBarefoot, select a colour (subject to availability) and size, then return here, leaving your preference in a comment. For ONE additional entry you can follow  VivoBarefoot (please leave a message on their wall saying I sent you!) AND/OR follow Diary of a First Child on Facebook. Competition closes at 23:59 on 20 June. The winner will be randomly selected using Random.org.

The winner is Maya Russel

Here’s some extra info on the VivoBarefoot range: VIVOBAREFOOT kids – Barefoot is Best from VIVOBAREFOOT on Vimeo. [vimeo 19474639 nolink]

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VivoBarefoot Children’s Shoes Review & Competition

  1. I won this fab competition and yesterday I received a pair of VivoBarefoot Pally shoes in black for my daughter. My daughter has tried them on and has said “they feel a bit strange” (because of the ‘barefoot’ technology) but they look really nice and I can tell they are of excellent quality.

    I’d like her to wear them to school in September – new school year, new shoes! I really like the idea of the puncture resistant soles because she’s gone through the soles of a couple of ordinary school shoes.

    AS they say barefoot is best – as nature intended. Thank you very much for these shoes!

  2. I already subscribe to your great website. Thanks.

    Red Pally in size 7 please. Absolutely gorgeous all of them!!!!
    Great competition – many thanks.

  3. wow – what lovely shoes!
    The Black Pally’s in size 9.5 would make lovely first school shoes for my oldest!

    Will look up and like on FB

  4. I love Rooty Pink in a 11.5 if i was lucky enough to win this lovely prize for my daughter.

  5. thay look so cute and comfy
    lovely lovely lovely

    Product Code: VB200001LRED

    in size 10.5

    Practical Mary Jane.

    Colour: Red


  6. I would love the Pally shoe in pink (UK kids’s size 7)
    Product Code: VB200001LLTPNK
    Ideakl for a wedding my family & I are going to soon!

    For a bonus entry, I am following VivoBarefoot on Facebook and have re-tweeted @emma1111111 and Emma L Clarke (FB)

  7. If I won I would love the same pair as the gorgeous little girl in the picture please – Pally pink size UK 7.

    Am following VivoBarefoot on Facebook and have re-tweeted @glitterbaby40.

    Beautiful shoes – good luck everyone xx

  8. Aquarius
    Product Code: VB200004NNAV

    My son would love these in size uk9.5 plz. I showed him all the styles and this was the one he said he really really really liked

  9. Love the shoes! I would chose Pally in Black in size 2. They would be fab school shoes. As my daughter spends so many hours in them, it would be great to know her feet are being looked after!

  10. I would love to win Aquarius Navy childrens uk size 1. I asked my little boy what he preferred, he said they look “too comfy like sponges for his feet”

  11. I was already a fan of VIvobarefoot on facebook but have shared the comp and tagged both of you in my status!!!

    PS I should have written ‘pink’ not ‘oink’ above lol!!!

      1. LOL I really don’t know how I did it!!! I suppose the o and p are next to each other!!! Oink Oink anyway – although don’t pigs shreak with excitement!

  12. Thanks for the fab comp!
    Alexandra K (oink) in size 39!!!!

    Shared on facebook Tracy Nixon MSE
    tweeted @TracyNixon

    Thanks so much xxx

  13. Pallys in black these are ideal for school my 3yr old starts reception class in Sept these are ideal with the velcro fastenings

    Size 8.5

  14. Wow, they look so cute. I’m a huge barefootshoe-fan, but I don’t have children so far… But one day, I’ll buy a pair of vivobarefoot children shoes, I’m sure 🙂
    I’m impressed by this shoes and wear them since a few months, there is nothing better than barefootshoes while it’s to cold to go outside barefoot 😉

  15. Yay! I’ve heard of these before but had not looked online& didn’t know they were actually so cute. I follow along on Facebook!

  16. following you on twitter and facebook, love the pink ones need the smallest size you do thanks for the comp x

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