Leapfrog Tag Junior Review


I have a slightly different prize up for grabs this week. It’s not wooden, it’s not sustainable, it doesn’t really scream ‘natural’, but it’s a fab little gadget, and one we absolutely love.  It’s called the Leapfrog Tag Junior Reading System.

As Ameli faces down the barrel of two years old, she’s developed an amazing interest in books, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tinge of pride when she climbed the stairs and counted them as she went… one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, seven, nine, TEN.  Or at least, that’s how it usually goes. We’ve never sat trying to teach her letters or numbers, but I’m certain that the stories we’ve been reading since she was just a few months old have had a part to play.

Now, with number two on the way, I’m aware that I might not always have the time that I’ve had thus far to devote to her, so we thought we’d try this Tag Junior Reading System.

The Tag Junior is a base handset onto which you can pre-load a set of Tag Junior books – there are 28 books and games – and the Tag Junior will ‘read’ the stories, add sound effect, and add extra little bits  and pieces to the story along the way.

In order to load the books, you set up an account, buy and download the books and you’re off. You personalise the Tag with your child’s name, so it greets them personally when you switch on and off.  On the downside, when you accidentally put the wrong name in, it seems almost impossible to change it without resetting the entire thing, but that’s easily remedied by not putting the wrong name in in the first place!

The great thing about the Tag Reading System is that it doesn’t have to be  a parent replacement system. You can sit together and ‘read’ together with the reader. We let it ‘read’ the story, then I might ask questions, or ask Ameli to point it to different things and so we play together. The books follow different themes, for example the Disney Pixar Cars book, based on the first movie, deals with shapes and uses road signs to introduce things such as circles, squares and triangles. It uses kites to introduce diamonds and even signs for stars.

There’s definitely been an educational element to it, as on our road trip at the moment, Ameli points out all the triangles (yield signs, for example) and circles (like speed notifiers) along the way.

The books also ask some questions, like on the last page there’s a circle, and they tell you to find another circle somewhere else in the book.  We have a lot of the books now, like Dora the Explorer who counts through the book, and a musical instruments one too and we’ve also got Winnie the Pooh lined up waiting for Ameli’s birthday. (It’s worth mentioning too that we don’t actually watch most of the programs associated with the books, like Dora the Explorer, but that doesn’t detract from their usefulness. Children don’t have to know the characters in order to benefit from or enjoy the stories.)

Leapfrog also offer an online ‘learning path’ that parents can keep track of to see how their child is developing, but that’s more useful when they can use the whole system on their own, which Ameli can’t  yet.

The only real negative I have found with this systems is that Leapfrog don’t recommend reusable batteries, which are a bit of a landfill problem and something I am not keen on, so our way around that is to use reusable batteries until they no longer work, then move them into a toy which requires less battery power, and drains them in a week or two before we recharge them.


Leapfrog have offered one Diary of a First Child reader the chance to win a Tag Reader. To be in with a chance to win this system, head over to the Leapfrog website, have a look at the books on offer, then come back here and let me know your favourite story.

Competition ends at 23:59 on 29 August, and the winner will be selected randomly using Random.org

You can follow Leapfrog (and Diary of a First Child) on Facebook. If you do, be sure to let them (Leapfrog) know I sent you, and leave a comment below to tell me you have.

AND the winner is katherine grieve



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158 thoughts on “Leapfrog Tag Junior Review

  1. r_ball@live.co.uk

    Toy Story

  2. Chantelle Bellis

    For my little girl it would have to be………
    Disney Princesses

  3. Dr Seuss Mr Brown Can Moo

  4. Val Hartley

    Disney Winnie the Pooh

  5. Helen

    My favourite is Winnie The Pooh; brings back such lovely memories for me and my daughter loves it too

  6. Jackie Wells

    My son is Thomas the Tank Engine mad.

  7. andrew W

    Disney Cars 2

  8. Judith Luscombe

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal (Pink) woooould love this one please

  9. mark johnson

    like both from tubbyjpin

  10. mark johnson

    thomas the tank engine

  11. nikki reynolds

    Its got to be toy story 3 for me (well my son) cant beat leap frog for learning toys they are fab

  12. Ceri Morgan

    Winnie the Pooh

  13. Joanne Blunt

    I aready like you, and have now liked Leapfrog on Facebook. I have commented to say you sent me.

  14. Joanne Blunt

    Disney Pixar Toy Story 3. My boys love it (and so do I)

  15. Carolina J.

    Disney Winnie the Pooh is my favourite!

  16. susan norminton

    Tag Junior Book Winnie the Pooh Piglet saves the day

  17. Fiona Martin

    It would have to be Disney Princesses – my daughter is princess mad!!

  18. abbi_b_1981@msn.com

    definately curious george

  19. kelly king

    toy story 3 is my fav

  20. Rachel Adams

    Tag Junior Book – Disney Princesses
    Perfect choice for my little princesses!!!

  21. Jennifer Kelly

    Definitely has to be Toy Story 3!! All my kids are Toy Story mad, the boys room is all Toy Story. I can’t think of a better way to get them to learn than with Toy Story 🙂

  22. Kelly Hooper

    Has to be Toy Story 3, my daughter is buzz lightyear mad 🙂

  23. sarah oztoprak

    Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo

  24. anthrocitewarrior@warpmail.net

    Curious George as I love it just as much as my grandsom does.

  25. Lorna Totton

    Disney-Winnie The Pooh

  26. Precious

    Following Leapfrog and Diary of a First Child on Facebook 😉

  27. Precious

    Tag Junior Book – Disney Pixar Toy Story 3

  28. elaine skidmore


  29. LeapFrog Tag Junior Dora The Explorer Book as would keep for 3 year old daughter happy for hours as she loves Dora

  30. Taryn Allwood

    Leapfrog Junior Dora The Explorer Book

  31. tarynwhit@aol.com

    LeapFrog Junior Tag Dora The Explorer Book

  32. Lisa King

    I love the Sesame Street Monster Faces book

  33. Kate Cunningham

    I like both you and leapfrog on FB

  34. Kate Cunningham

    Dora The Explorer

  35. Vicky Greenway

    My favourite is Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo because every child should experience Dr Seuss!

  36. Lucy Walker

    Winnie the Pooh

  37. Tag Junior Book – Disney Pixar Cars – just has to be this one, we went to see the new film Car 2 last week as a treat and the whole family enjoyed it. This book would be welcomed with open arms in our petrol head house.

  38. AbbyP

    I love the Disney Winnie the Pooh book – classic story and I’d love it for my little one x

  39. Sarah Mills


  40. katherine grieve

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Dora The Explorer Book

  41. donna turner

    My daughter is a massive winnie the pooh fan so she would love that book

  42. keiran crocker

    Winnie the Pooh

  43. Katherine Myers

    Mine has to be Sesame Street, I remember watching that when I was younger!!

  44. avelte

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal (Green) my favorite

  45. Jane

    My favourite would be Thomas The Tank Engine

  46. Allan

    Winnie the Pooh

  47. mark.andrena@virgin.net

    Toy Sory 3

  48. jennie jackson

    toy story 3

  49. san

    My little boy is a huge curious George fan so it would have to be that one.

  50. leighlarkin79@yahoo.co.uk

    Disney Princesses – I would look forward to reading that and figuring out how to become a princess – let alone a little one!

  51. Stephanie Clough

    It would have to be toy story 3!

  52. michelle@bamberj.fsnet.co.uk

    Cars 2 Junior Book for sure, would keep my son quiet for hours 🙂

  53. Heather Shaw

    I like both you and leapfrog on FB

  54. Heather Shaw

    Toy story 3 for sure! even i would enjoy reading that! 😉

  55. Sharon

    Disney Winnie the Pooh

  56. Amanda

    Tag Junior Book – Eric Carle, Panda Bear

  57. Julie

    My favourite is Tag Junior Book – Eric Carle, Panda Bear…such a lovely book.

  58. suzanne.sendell

    Disney princess


    Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo

  60. nicola barter

    Dora the Exporer

  61. kate bristow

    Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo

  62. katrina walsh

    Disney Princesses for me – both mine and my daughters fave!

  63. jenny carroll

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Dora The Explorer Book

  64. Alison Cameron

    Tag Junior Book – Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo

  65. linda curtis

    Disney Pixar Toy Story 3

  66. Maria Knight

    My little boy is 15 months old and already has a love for Thomas so i would have to say the Tag Junior Book – Thomas The Tank Engine

  67. amy

    Sesame Street Monster Faces

  68. Amy C

    The Eric Carle Panda Bear book

  69. sharonhughes1978@live.co.uk

    toy story – my little chap is obsessed with anything ts

  70. Samantha Jeanes

    Winnie the Pooh

  71. Richard

    Toy Story

  72. Geri Gibson

    Toy Story

  73. melvis

    Cat in the Hat 🙂 xx

  74. Janet Dugdale

    Thomas the tank engine i use to read them to my son now i’m reading them to my grandchildren

  75. Rachel Fenney

    Toy Story 3 – no question

  76. Raj sandhu

    It’s got to be Winnie the Pooh, a favourite in our household!

  77. Adele

    My kids love Dr Seuss, so we’d love the Tag Junior Book – Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo. We love to laugh at the silly words and laugh at me trying to read it all!

  78. renae

    curious George – both my children love this story and relate to all of George’s moods 🙂

  79. Mayur Koya

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Book – Disney Pixar Cars Thanks

  80. matthew

    would be Thomas the tank engine as is a story i would love to read with my young boys, both myself and younger brother grew up with Thomas books so im pleased hes still going strong so that my boys can enjoy him too

  81. louise

    Would be Toy Story in our house, with 3 boys all aged 6 and under would get a lot of years worth of use as they all grew 🙂 xx

  82. lucy robinson

    Curious George

  83. foz

    My favourite story has got to be curious George…reminds me of childhood. 🙂

  84. Kerry Robertson

    My favourite is the sesame street one! loved it when i was a child and so do my boys 🙂

  85. Christine Bray

    My grandson is sitting here with me now pointing to Tag Junior Book – Disney Pixar Cars (he’s car mad at the moment, sounds like most boys/men never change as far as cars are concerened) I think these tag books are great what a wonderful revolutionary way to learn!

  86. Kerrie

    eapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal (Pink)

    love the speaker!

  87. Sean

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Animal Orchestra Alphabet Book 🙂

  88. amandamcgroggan@hotmail.co.uk

    Disney Princesses


    Sesame Street Monster Faces looks fab!!

  90. Nicola

    Thomas The Tank Engine 🙂

  91. Lorraine R

    Toy Story 3


    I would say BACKYARDIGANS is a great wee story and its suitable for both boys and girls, Its a story that the children would get really involved with and love to read over and over again x

  93. Rachel Thompson

    My Son Cooper is car mad so has to be the Tag Junior Book – Disney Pixar Cars Broom Broom

  94. Rachel

    Curious George

  95. Harpal Kaur

    My girls would love Toy story 3

  96. Lisa Collins

    Got to be Beauty and the Beast, it’s a classic 🙂

  97. Solange

    Toy Story 3

  98. Coralie Pearson

    We love Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo

  99. judy.wright87@ntlworld.com

    Dr Seuss 🙂

  100. Pete A

    Disney Winnie the Pooh

  101. Chelsea Blair

    My favourite story would probably be the Winnie the Pooh one!

  102. carrie hobbs

    Loving the Sesame Street Monster Faces


    my grandaughter loves dr-seuss mr brown can do

  104. JBal157466@aol.com

    Tag Junior Book – Disney Princesses, well it’s my daughter’s favourite anyway!

  105. michelle evans

    Toy story 3. Big favorite in our household. <3

  106. emmavn79@yahoo.co.uk


  107. simone lee


  108. nasira yusuf

    Thomas the tank engine, its been a family favourite too!

  109. julie henderson

    due to spending time in spain i have to say Dora

  110. Naomi

    Favourite Tag Junior Book – Disney Princesses

  111. karen turtill

    Thomas the tank engine 🙂

  112. J White

    Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo is my favourite.

  113. rebecca john

    Tag Junior Book – Sesame Street Monster Faces.

    I love Sesame Street!

  114. susan

    Dr Seuss, Mr Brown Can Moo

  115. Paula

    The Backyardigans, my son loves them

  116. Angela

    We love all the Dr Seuss books and Mr Brown Can Moo is a particular favourite.

  117. Louise Smith

    Dora The Explorer

  118. Stephanie Boulton

    My favourite is Thomas The Tank Engine

  119. Nicola Langdale

    My favourite book is Panda Bear by Eric Carle, love his other books too.

  120. Catherine Ball

    My favourite is Curious George!

  121. Abi R

    Toy Story 3 here too, my lo is obsessed with it at the moment!

  122. Alexa Schoolar

    would have to be the Toy Story 3 book. My little girl just loves that film.

  123. Helen

    My favourite is Disney Princesses 🙂 xx

  124. Julie dunn

    favorite book – whinne the pooh

  125. jennifer thorpe

    my favourite story is the disney princesses one – my daughter would be in 7th heaven 🙂

  126. Svetlana

    Tag Junior Book – Disney Pixar Toy Story 3

  127. sarah l

    I just adore leapfrog my eldest had one when she was younger so would luv to win 1 for my son.My fav is Thomas Tank engine 🙂 x

  128. christina field

    My Favourite is Disney Pixar Cars

  129. sana shah

    Thomas the Tank Engine for my beautiful boys

  130. Jill

    My grandson is a huge fan of Toy story so my favourite book would have to be Disney Pixar Toy Story 3

  131. diane

    Would have to be Toy Story 3-all the Toy Story films have been great

  132. Laura A

    LeapFrog Tag Junior Animal Orchestra Alphabet Book

  133. Rach

    I’ve liked both your page and leapfrog on facebook, and tagged you in a post to Leapfrom to let then know that you sent me =)

  134. Rach

    My favourite book is Panda Bear by Eric Carle, I can just see my little boy’s face light up when he saw this =)

  135. Rachael G

    My favourite book is Winnie The Pooh – Piglet Saves the Day. My little girl would love it!

  136. Helen T

    Eric Carle, Panda bear

  137. Karen

    My favourite is LeapFrog Tag Junior Animal Orchestra Alphabet Book
    Thank you x

  138. Caroline French

    Has to be Thomas the Tank Engine as my poor 11month old only seems to have his 2yr old sisters book to read at the moment! about time he had some ‘boys’ stuff!

  139. ally cat

    Has to be the Spiderman one!!


    disney princesses

  141. victoriab

    Curious George looks good.

  142. Has to be Panda Bear by Eric Carle. He’s such a great children’s author

  143. Dolly Daydreamer Fairley

    Thanks for the giveaway. I like the ‘Disney Winnie the Pooh’ book xxx

  144. wendy lea

    For me and my Grandson Lightening Mcqueen steals the scene!!! so “CarsRus” sorry cars for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. mirelle williams

    there’s so many to choose from, arhhh ok, I’m going with Toy story 3 as my favourite!x

  146. Rachael Lines

    I love the Dora or Winnie the pooh one.

  147. Nicole

    I really love Disney Winnie the Pooh. Thanks

  148. Mark Rayner

    Best book has to be Thomas the Tank Engine…..I love that little blue train.

  149. J Pickersgill

    My favourite is Sesame Street Monster Faces 🙂

  150. helen harris

    Mine and my twins favourite is Winnie the Pooh
    like you fb page already and now liking leapfrog and have told them you sent me 😀

  151. Kate Strickland

    I’m a fan of yours and Leapfrog’s fb pages and have let them know you sent me 🙂 (@kate_strickland)

  152. Kate Strickland

    I like the look of the Eric Carle, Panda Bear book. (Twitter @kate_strickland)

  153. gabrielle svensson

    My favourite story is Disney Pixar Cars

  154. Sarah Anguish

    Favourite book has to be ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’


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