I had the good fortune recently to discover the Green Mums website. I ordered a few Teddy Nappies to add to my collection and was so pleased with the service I received. I ended up having a lovely email chat with Tracy, the owner of Green Mums, and wanted to tell you a little more.

green mumsGreen Mums started as an at-home family-run business based in Plymouth and aims to support local businesses while providing their own customers with a trustworthy service. The website is full of useful information, including an FAQ section and an impressive list of articles on cloth nappies, from information on Nappy Incentive Schemes to Which Nappies to Choose

Green Mums offer more than just cloth nappies though, providing a large range of items for mums-to-be through to gifts for new babies and right up to clothes for boys and girls. Their items all come to you in the knowledge that they do not sell anything that they do not believe in, and have not tried themselves.

I highly recommend Green Mums and I hope you will give them a try.

In order to encourage you to do so, Tracy has generously offered a Bum Genius Trial Kit for one very lucky reader. These include 3 Birth to Potty Bum Genius nappies and a roll of flushable liners, worth almost £50. In order to be in with a chance to win, head on over to Green Mums, then come back here and let me know what your favourite Bum Genius colour is. Because colours can’t be guaranteed, also leave your preference for unisex, boy or girl nappies.

In addition, Tracy is offering Diary of a First Child readers a 10% discount on all purchases until 1 December 2010. Just use the code DOFC at the checkout.  The competition closes on the 28th of June 2010 at noon GMT and a winner will be randomly drawn.

If you’ve never tried cloth nappies before, you can read more about our journey into cloth here:

Bum Genius winner

If you know of others who might like to give cloth a try, or extend their collection,  please share the word on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks!

And the winner is:

Michelle McCann from Mamma McCann


Bum Genius Birth to Potty Review

  1. I love the ribbit green, daddys fave colour so mighy get him changing a few more! Unisex or girl is good for me

  2. LOVE the website, fantastic! I really like all the colours but the hot pink stood out for me. Unisex or girl. I was going to invest in another brand of birth to todder ‘real’ nappies but might look at these now.

  3. Although there is a fabulous selection of colours I’d choose plain white! They would have to be unisex as my friend is expecting a ‘surprise’. Thanks for running this competition.


  4. I love the ribbit nappy – great name and great colour. If I won I’d like unisex as I have a baby boy but it’s possible I might have a girl one day… If I did she would be in blue nappies to begin with asthat’s what we’ce got alot of already. I’m trying to work out what nappies to move onto when my son grows out of the size 1 Lollipops so some Bum Genius would be great.

  5. I liked the4 Clemantine but actually I like all of them… surely you’d need to co-ordinate with the current cute wee dress? lol 🙂

  6. I love the Zinnia, and the Butternut even more so. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d like girl nappies, please.

  7. The Ribbit dark green one is gorgeous! If they’re birth to potty, I don’t mind what colour as I have a baby girl and a toddler boy both in nappies. I’d love to try out a pocket nappy 🙂

  8. I like the Zinnia. I would like girl or unisex nappies if I win.
    I currently use the teddy nappies and need to get the next size up so I’ll definitely have a look at the site.
    Deb x

  9. I love the Clementine color! Everything around here is so pink! It would be nice to have some bright colors around:) I have two girls! So female would work! I love cloth diapers.

  10. I really like the moonbeam – so deep. I would like either unisex or girl. V is 3 weeks old and been in cloth for 2 weeks. Loving all the new types available since I did it with ds almost 6 years ago. First time on your site too; have definitely ‘favourited’ it.

  11. I’d love some to demonstrate at antenatal classes – smallest size possible to make sure they fit on my “newborn” dolls.

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