Baby Massage Week 2013 – Organic Monkey Massage Oil Giveaway


There does seem to be an awareness day, week or month for the most obscure things these days, doesn’t there? One that I am particularly happy to support, however, is Baby Massage Week. I started practicing baby massage on Ameli when she was just six weeks old, and loved it so much I trained as a Baby Massage Instructor. I was giving classes while pregnant with Aviya, and had my first post baby class when she was just six days old, and used her as my massage doll for two or three classes a week for almost four months.

I’ve always wondered if that is why she’s such a chilled out baby!

An essential ingredient in massage is oil, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using any organic oil – if you’d use it on your salad, you can use it on your baby, and we recommend sunflower oil in our classes – there’s value to a beautiful oil that mama can inhale deeply while she’s massaging too.

A few years back now, I reviewed the  Hello Mellow Massage Oil from Organic Monkey, an oil I absolutely loved. You can read the full review, of course, but here are a few highlights about this lovely baby massage oil.

“I cannot find fault with this product. It contains all natural ingredients, with sunflower oil being the carrier oil, it seems. There’s apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and vitamin E oil too, and then the essential oils are sweet orange, lavender and roman chamomile, all of which are calming and soothing aromas.

While I’m a huge lover of lavender, I must say that I adore the predominantly sweet orange aroma of this. It’s a nice break from the usual lavender for babies.

The next thing I love about it is how moisturising it is. I’ve even used it on myself as an after bath moisturiser a number of times and it leaves myskin feeling soft, smooth and beautifully moist. Ameli has quite a dry skin too especially as we head into winter and there’s been a marked improvement in her skin since we’ve been using this oil.”

There’s more to the review, so just follow the link if you want to know more.

So today, Organic Monkey are offering 5 readers a bottle of their lovely oil each.

The competition runs until Friday 23:59, and winners will be chosen and notified over the weekend.

Leave a comment on the blog, then click the +1 on Rafflecopter and submit your entry!
(The question is: What benefit of baby/toddler massage do you find most valuable/do you hope will make the greatest difference to your little one?)

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31 thoughts on “Baby Massage Week 2013 – Organic Monkey Massage Oil Giveaway

  1. Kate Simpson

    Oh I’m late, congrats winners. That was an awesome giveaway.


    I creates the perfect bonding moment between mother and baby.

  3. Lesley Cohen Wright

    might help my 5 yr old grandson sleep he usually wakes at 4pm each morning

  4. Sally Poole

    One to one time and better sleep

  5. Karen R

    It’s a lovely peaceful time for us both

  6. jennie jackson

    i think it would relax us and give us good quality one to one time

  7. kirsty l

    I love spending time with my baby whilst doing it



  9. sofia ramos


  10. adeinne

    Just spending mother and baby time together will be a good bonding time

  11. Isabelle Smith

    one-to-one time

  12. Sara

    I loved the calming slowness to it… we had a break from the excitement and busy of the day to enjoy the moments together.

    (and my baby seemed more comfortable in himself after massage, which I did with every nappy change)

  13. andy harris

    bonding time

  14. Jo Jones

    Quality time together and so soothing for both

  15. Soothing, relaxing and bonding with baby.

  16. Angela Sandhu

    one to one time

  17. Jane Middleton

    it makes stronger bond and the baby appreciates mother’s touch and warmth.

  18. ashleigh

    A stronger bond!

  19. laura banks

    very relaxing

  20. Sean McCafferty

    My cousin and his girlfriend sometimes give their baby boy a massage. From what I hear it really does help to soothe him. With regards to that alone I would recommend it. In addition to that it also promotes great bonding time as well.

  21. Francis Lee

    i find that they find it very relaxing which is followed by a good nights sleep

  22. Eleanor

    I’m looking forward to bonding with my little one through massage.

  23. Amy

    Lovely one-on-one time with my boy!

  24. Karen

    Love baby massage. we carried it onto toddler and child massage in our house. 🙂

  25. enrico

    read a lot

  26. Kathryn S

    Bonding time and very relaxing for both of us

  27. Tracey A Belcher

    As a foster carer I would promote baby massage and encourage all mums and indeed dads to join in. Not only does it hugely benefit baby but really helps with bonding and attachment. It is fun to do and learn x

  28. Kirsten Barthy

    A stronger bond between baby and mummy


    Spending quality time with my baby Betsy through baby massage.

  30. Mozella Zajc

    yeah, baby massage is awesome, I love massaging my baby boy 🙂
    Mozella Zajc’s last blog post ..stół do jadalni

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