Actually, we’re not. That’s been the worst part of having children for me: the loss of holidays. I know you’re saying ‘say WHAT!’ or something like that, because we seem to have done nothing but travel over the last three years, but we haven’t had a holiday in over two years!

Oh, how we used to travel. Did you know that’s how I started blogging? Maaaaany moons ago? Now, when we do go away, we’re pretty much reduced to local trips, weekends at the inlaws, and if we’re lucky, an overnight blogging trip. Oh, the rock and roll life.

No such thing as light travel with children

I’m seriously, seriously, seriously… SERIOUSLY hoping for a better summer than last year – I know I shouldn’t really complain after six months in Australia, but I will. I long for a decent break somewhere, just stress free peace.

If we have a good summer, we can take the children camping, at least, and as Ameli will be almost four and Aviya coming up for 18 month  it seems the perfect time to get away – in the UK July holidays .

Oh, how I long to walk through Florence again. Or cycle along lake Constance. Or drift in the waters around Dubrovnik, or Sresser, even better. One day these will be our holidays again, I know. In the meantime though, we need to find a solution because this mama is going stir crazy with no travel plans on the agenda! I guess we could always try Butlins this year. The girls are really the right age for that.

Before children the thought of a resort holiday would have been enough to send me packing – in the opposite direction! But I’ve been thinking about it and I remember various holidays as a child and teenager myself: making friends with people in surrounding chalets, joining in in holiday activities, pouring over the week’s programme. The stuff family holidays were made of. So, maybe we need to embrace family holidays and destinations after all. Some how, I don’t think the children will enhance the peace of an afternoon spent on the Somme.

I guess the time has come to embrace the change, huh?

Oh, and by the way, here’s my first ever blog post. And here are some of our adventures in Europe, much of which was written on a phone while on a train or bus, so excuse all the cringe worthy bits 😉
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We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday…

  1. We went on a long haul trip with our toddler last year and it took a lot of planning ahead but we have had some good holidays in the UK at Centre Parcs with friends who also have young children 🙂

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