This probably won’t come as a huge surprise to you, but I’ve never understood people who completely gave up their bras for the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Perhaps it’s a boob size thing? Let’s just say I’ve never had an issue getting a ‘normal’ bra down under the breast to feed my baby.

But, I concede that nursing bras can be a lot more comfortable than jacking your breasts up over the wire – it all depends on the bra, really. 

When I was pregnant with Ameli, I bought three bras that were to be my nursing bras. They were fitted by professional staff in a leading baby store, and they worked fine, but didn’t exactly encourage me to give up my lacy underwires. And they provided no support at all.

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying out two Bravado maternity and nursing bras and the first thing I can say about them is the support is amazing. They actually add the ‘perk’ to my chest. There’s little wobble room, and the sizing is perfect for me.

The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is Bravado’s best selling bra, and for good reason.  They have moulded foam cups which give your breasts a lovely shape, and for those first six or so weeks while your milk is reservoired and your boobs leak a lot you can replace the foam cup for thicker nursing pads.

The seamless nursing bra is designed to melt onto your body and while this sounds like a marketing ploy, I’m surprised to say that it really does. I think it’s the first bra I’ve ever had – nursing or not – that feels like second skin.

When you’re nursing, the cup drops away from the breast giving your baby skin-to-skin access.

Considering it has no underwire, it has amazing shape.  The clips undo and clip back in really easily, and it’s simple to do with one hand.

My favourite bra, however, is The Bliss Nursing Bra.  It also has the foam cup so you can’t see the outline of the nursing pad through your clothes, and has something called Flexi-Fit, the support channel for the underwire look without underwire.  It also has a very low neckline, so you can wear it with your “I’m not just a mother” clothing without worrying about it showing.

It has a pretty lace detail on the front and a silky finish, so while it’s still a nursing top, it will leave you feeling super feminine in the same way your lacy lingerie does.

While I’m pretty certain you can make it through maternity and nursing without any special bras, if you’re going to spend money on them, there’s something great about still feeling like a woman in the midst of getting to grips with being a mother!


You can win a nursing bra from Bravado, by heading over to their website, then coming back here and telling me which bra you like.

The competition ends on 12 December at 23:59 and the winners will be chosen at random using
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Bravado Nursing Bras Review And Competition

  1. Sorry I might be too late but what a fab competition, nursring bras can be so ugly!
    I love the sound of the underwired one, and the bliss nursring bra too

  2. I completely forgot to say I am now following you on FB and posted your comp to our LLL group page, all the best, xxx

  3. I love the Sublime Nursing Bra, but to be honest I really need some sleep nursing bras most, as I really struggle to find any that are comnfy for nighttime feeding.

      1. @Luschka,

        Thank you ever so much for this. I am really happy. We have only just come home after taking the children away for the Christmas Fantasty weekend at Butlins, and this is a lovely suprise, xxx

  4. I love the Essential Nursing Tank as I was more worried about showing my flabby tummy than my boobs when I breastfed my son!

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