It’s not often these days that we get to eat out. It’s rarer still that ‘eating out’ doesn’t involve a play area. At one time, “eating out” meant one of us got to eat while the other walked Ameli around and then we’d swap so the other could eat. Fun times.
So, when I received an invitation to Fairy’s Pop-up restaurant at the Oxo Towers in London, on the Southbank, with lunch cooked by 2* Michelin  chef Michael Caines, I was thrilled and RSVP’d.

As it turned out, on the day, Martin was unwell and couldn’t come with us, so Ameli and I went alone, and we had a simply fantastic day.

We shared a table with Sandy from Baby Baby which was lovely as we always greet and never really talk, and I loved having time to have real conversation with her.  Ameli was in seventh heaven with drawing, bubbles and practically drinking the Shepherd’s Pie out of the dish.

The meal was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I ate anything that good. Especially with how the last few months have gone for me! After dinner we had to wash dishes, can you imagine?  It was great fun actually – everyone had the same amount of dishes and we had to see who did it in the fastest time. I made it onto the leader board, but no where near the top… no surprises there – I hate washing dishes.

All in all we had a fantastic day, and I loved it, so a really big thank you to Fairy for a great day – and for topping up our dishwasher tablets with the goody bag too!


Pic Of The Week – Week 47 – Dishes And Dinners

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