It’s my sister’s 30th birthday today, and while I’ve been doing my best to not think about it, since thinking about it causes me physical pain in my chest, I did have a moment a few weeks ago where I did something to prepare for it: We made a hug in an envelope.

I can’t claim credit for this idea, but I love it. So here’s what we did:

Draw an outline

Lie the hug-giver down on a large piece of paper. Draw the outline of their body, and cut it out. Draw on the face –  or if you have the equipment a large printout of the real face stuck on would be lovely addition.

 Decorate the cutout

Spend as much time as you want decorating. We used marker pens, pencils and stickers. We could have also used stamps or paints.

Write on the back

Write your message on the back.

 Fold Your Hug

Fold your hug, pop in an envelope and post to someone far away.

In this case, to Aunty D.

Love you Glitta Sista. Miss you so much.

New Years Eve 2000
New Years Eve 2000
Your 21st birthday
Your 21st birthday
My favourite girls
My favourite girls; My happy place


How To: Send A Hug In An Envelope

  1. That is AWESOME. I know Mikko will want to send a hug to his very favorite cousin. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. This is such a great idea, Im so glad you added it to the blog blitz otherwise I would never have seen this. I also have a sister far away, (in london :D), and this would be great to do for Easter!

  3. This is just too cool! We’re packing up and mailing some gifts to my mom next week… but not before both my 3 y.o. and 13 y.o. sons make their own hugs to send “Gammy”. She’s going to be so thrilled!

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