Polar Bear Snow Boogie Sledge Competition (UK Only)


The Polar Bear Snow Boogie from Wham-O is a different kind of product for me to write about, but it’s one we couldn’t resist.

In the Autumn, ‘they’ predicted that we would have the coldest winter on record and that we’d have snow in October already. After last winter and the insane amounts of snowfall – all of which we missed by spending the winter in South Africa  – I was really excited. Eight winters I’ve endured the cold and dark and we’ve had a few great snow days, but never really enough to even build a proper snowman!

So, in preparation for this winter full of sledging, we agreed to test the Polar Bear Snow Boogie from Wham-O.  And we’ve had the grand sum-total of about half an hour’s gentle snow fall all Winter so far.  Dandy.

So I’m going to tell you about the snow boogie, and give the opportunity to win one, even though we’ve not had a chance to try it out yet.

The Snow Boogie is made of PVC, and is meant for children aged 4 and over. It doesn’t have steering control, can’t be towed and can gather large speeds down big hills so in those circumstances I think it’s an age limit best stuck to.

That said, if your child is going to be sledging in your back yard, I can’t see any reason why a younger toddler can’t be pushed around the garden in it – assuming you can get down that low! (What great exercise!)

The polar bear, which we have, is really quite sweet. It has two sturdy handles for holding and is a rather cute design.

The guidance says it can take a person up to 54kg, but the actual seating area is quite small, so I’m not sure how comfortable someone towards the top end of that limit would be.

While intended for use with snow, this inflatable polar bear can also be used in water, although always with parental supervision, obviously.  I quite like that it doubles as a summer or winter activity though.

Environmentally speaking, it is a PVC product which isn’t great, but it is what it is.  A bonus of that, however, is that it is inflatable, so it is also deflatable, and fits in an A4 page-sized box for easy storage and transport.

I imagine this will be great fun should we actually get any of that promised snow, but if not I think we’ll have a ball with it in the pool in summer.


To win a Snow Boogie Air Tube from Wham-O, leave a comment below letting me know whether you prefer the polar bear or the penguin.

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This competition finishes at 23:59 on 6 February 2012 and the winner will be randomly drawn using Random.


Please read the competition rules.

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170 thoughts on “Polar Bear Snow Boogie Sledge Competition (UK Only)

  1. Phil

    Loving the Polar Bear (ooer missus)

  2. Rebecca Denyer

    I would love to win the penguin for my son x

  3. Cath

    I like the penguin best

  4. Steph Hoult

    The penguin one looks so cute

  5. Rebecca Lee

    The penguin one is epic! LOVE IT!!

  6. sarah@tartanparkers.co.uk

    I like the polar bear 🙂

  7. Bob Scott

    They are both brilliant, making it hard to choose, but I’ll go with PENGUIN.

  8. luckestone

    The penguin, these look so much fun. I wouldn’t mind either but I would love to ride down a hill on a penguin. HaHa.

  9. srobbo71@aol.com

    I like the penguin best 🙂

  10. Yvonne Crossland

    They are both really cute but the penguin stands out more.

  11. Andrea K


  12. Gwen Thomas

    I like them both, but prefer the penguin

  13. Jo Boyd

    Got to be the penguin!
    Signed up to RSS Competition, Liking on Facebook (Jo Boyd) and following on Twitter (@annaojbee)

  14. Mark Shaw

    I prefer the Penguin.

  15. KEITH

    It would have to be the Polar Bear pleeeeeeeeease!?


    Penguin please

  17. Jane

    Penguin please

  18. Allan

    Polar bear looks great

  19. Katie Myers

    my daughter would love the polar bear! such a fab idea xxx

  20. CarolD

    They are both so lovely, but i would choose the penguin.

  21. samantha_wesley@hotmail.co.uk

    I’d love a Polar Bear please 🙂

  22. andi g

    Gotta be the pengiun, although they are both cute as anything, pengiun would be a lot easier to spot!

  23. Cathryn Bowen

    The Penguin for me please

  24. Georgie Aronin

    Polar bear please

  25. Amanda R

    Definitely the Polar Bear – it reminds me of my dog who is lie a great big Polar Bear but obviously a cuddly version!

  26. would have to be the penguin,I would look so cool…

  27. natelle arnold

    OOh I love them both but Penguin if I had to choose x

  28. Dan Caldon

    Penguin please!

  29. Sheelagh Thompson

    definitely the polar bear – he’s so cute and cuddly looking!

  30. Joanna Sawka

    Penguin please!

  31. yvonne clark

    polar bear

  32. jennie jackson

    my son is obsessed with penguins – this would make a perfect birthday gift for him

  33. Carlab

    The penguin is soooo cool

  34. merryl cain-o'grady

    both are great but polar bear is sooooo cute

  35. Kate Huxstep

    I love the polar bear

  36. Elisabeth Barnwell

    both are so cute but the penguin wins itx

  37. Suzanne sendell

    love the penguin one,just got to wait for the snow now

  38. linda wiles

    Penguin please

  39. Joanna Coleshill

    I like the penguin, he’s so cute!

  40. emmamichael@ntlworld.com

    liking them both
    but mr penguin please

  41. Julia Johnson

    Penguin please!

  42. ustupidwoman

    I’d have ‘happy feet’ if I won the penguin!

  43. Alison Cameron

    The penguin is the one I prefer

  44. Debbie Davies

    Love the penguin, super cute! x

  45. Heather Shaw

    polar bear is cool and cute!!

  46. Amanda

    They are both gorgeous but i think the penguin just pips the polar bear for me!

  47. roo hyde

    oh Penguin please, he’s gorgeous

  48. steve hitchman

    I like the Penguin

  49. Rachael Barratt

    They are both gorgeous but I am a massive penguin fan so it would have to be him!

  50. suesouthurst67@hotmail.co.uk


  51. Isabelle Smith

    i like both 🙂 polar bear maybe

  52. luckychihuahua@gmx.co.uk

    The penguin is lovely….following you as well…xx

  53. Sheila Sloan

    I prefer the polar bear

  54. sheilasloan@btinternet.com

    Love the polar bear.

  55. san

    I prefer the penguin

  56. Hazel rush

    I love the polar bear!!

  57. Andrea Dalziel

    Oooh the penguin is lovely! But so is the Polar Bear! Decisions decisions…..the Polar Bear! xx

  58. tamalyn roberts

    they are both great but feel i would lose the polar bear in the snow as its white lol so i choose the


    plus my son loves penguins

    @tamalyn1 on twitter

  59. slhmumof5@live.co.uk

    Penguin x

  60. Lily

    Polar bear please

  61. Lisa Wilkinson

    I prefer the penguin x

  62. Sarah Ballantyne

    We’d love the penguin!

  63. Sean

    the polar ber is ace!

    • Joanna Smith

      Ooh the penguin – they’re so fast on the ice!

  64. Kerrie

    ploar bear :)@kemo_2002

  65. Dan

    The penguin hands down!

  66. Kerry Sabel

    My son would love the penguin one 🙂 x

  67. lisa williams

    the penguin is awesome but i would be happy with either if i was lucky enough. x

  68. Heather Knotts

    They’re both great but I think I like the Penguin best. And we’ve had some snow up here in the Cheviots so my son would get plenty use out of it

  69. Tom Smith

    Polar Bear Please

  70. silverkaylah@googlemail.com

    Penguin for me please!

  71. Julie

    I love the penguin

  72. Helen

    The polar bear is awesome, would love to win


    would love the polar bear 🙂

  74. Solange


  75. lucinda duxbury

    i prefer the penguin

  76. nikki lane

    The penguin, just so i could go pppppppppppick up a penguin! lol loved those ads. lol xx

  77. kayleigh louise

    love the polar bear x

  78. nicci cowdell-murray

    My kids would love these ! if we are lucky enough to win please could we have the polar bear @chanson2010 on twitter niccicowdell@yahoo.com

  79. jaqivins@yahoo.com

    PENGUIN! They are soooo cool

  80. Marta P

    I prefer the penguin

  81. Emma Burton

    Has to be the penguin!! Although the polar bear is cute too! :o)

  82. Peter ODwyer

    My son is penguin mad so I know which one I’d like, but the polar bear looks pretty cool to.

  83. Phil Darling

    They boh look fantastic, but The Penguin just takes it for me. Cheers

  84. steveswider@blueyonder.co.uk

    Penguin is fabulous

  85. Jenny Price

    Polar Bear please.

  86. sarah clegg

    ooooh its gotta be the penguin 🙂
    my fb name is sarah clegg
    my twitter name is sarahclegg2

  87. Naomi

    do we have to choose? quite a debate going on here as to which is the cuter!!! maybe the penguin…but wouldn’t say no to the polar bear! AArgh! Both fab x

  88. Laura

    I prefer the penguin! 🙂

  89. Louise Smith

    Penguin is fabulous

  90. Kerry Dibble

    I prefer the penguin

  91. coralie.pearson@yahoo.co.uk

    I love penguins so it would have to be the penguin 🙂

  92. Sarah Martin

    I asked my kids to choose and they all chose the penguin!!!!

  93. Denice

    They are both brilliant but oh the penguin just pips the polar bear 🙂

  94. Duncan

    The penguin please, our son loves them and we have still not given up the hope for snow yet 😉

  95. victoriab

    The Polar Bear please.

  96. beb1973@hotmail.co.uk

    My son would prefer the penguin as he loves the Penguins of Madagascar!

  97. Hazel Wright

    Oh they are fantastic! I think I like the penguin best. I’d give it to my grandaughter but I’d be very tempted to see if I’d fit in it first!!!

  98. Tracy Hanley

    I love the polar bear , would be so much fun if we get some snow

  99. Anna Turner

    OOO fab my little boy would love this, he said the polar bear is his fav 🙂

  100. jennifer thorpe

    I’d love (or rather my children would 🙂 ) the penguin

  101. FionaLynne Edwards

    They are both so cute but I think my daughter would prefer the Penguin – she’s just seen Mr Popper’s Penguins and is mad about them!

  102. Eleonora S

    I think penguin is winning isn’t it? It looks so… swishy! It’s definitely penguin for me.

  103. Joseph Watson

    Got to be the Penguin – might lose the Polar bear in the snow.

  104. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    I just adore the penguin

  105. Lauren Purdy

    The penguin. I think both look amazing, I’m 21 but I am having a go first!!:o)


    I prefer the penguin 🙂

  107. shell

    The Penguin

  108. Alice Hindley

    I prefer the Penguin

  109. Emma Hawkins

    I love the pengiun

    @hawkster2010 on twitter

  110. kim barrett

    Its got to be penguin, they are so cute xx

  111. julie stevens

    I love them both, but at a push it would have to be the penguin.

  112. vivbaird8@aol.com

    I prefer the penquin


    i receive your rss feed


    i prefer the penquin 🙂

  115. toni austin

    I would love to win one of these, the penguin one would be amazing for my 4 boys!


    I have joined competitions only rss feed


    I love the polar bear 😉

  118. Paula Phillips

    I would love to win either one they are both great.

  119. Ant

    Polar Bear for me please, we had quite a debate between my 2 and 7 year old to come to this conclusion!

  120. Alice Boardman


  121. simone.2006@hotmail.co.uk

    the penguin one
    already subscribed

  122. Alice Boardman

    penguin penguin penguin penguin!!!! cool!!

  123. David Carroll

    Would love a Polar Bear

  124. barbara shaw

    They are lovely but I think the penguin is the nicest. Thank-you

  125. ddlew72@o2.co.uk

    Wow its got to be the gorgeous penguin for me x

  126. Angela Pedraza

    We would love the polar bear! Too cute! Xoxo Thanks!

  127. john webster

    i would love the cool polar bear

  128. Tracy Nixon

    Ahhh I would love a penguin please! My youngest daughter is penguins mad since seeing Mr Popper’s Penguins!

    Loving and sharing on Facebook as Tracy K Nixon

    Following and tweeted as @tracyknixon

  129. Ann M

    Would love either but I think my grandchildren would prefer the penguin. Fingers crossed!

  130. Teresa Lee

    Love them both – but penguins are just so adorable, so the penguin would be my first choice

  131. Laura A

    the penquin one please. Looks great!

  132. Sayj

    In would love the penguin 🙂

  133. karen jones

    polar bear because we love them in my house

  134. Cheryll H

    Subscribed to RSS via Google (it was through your link but I’m not sure which one it was? sorry, I’m a bit thick about these things!) 🙂

  135. diane findlay

    would love to win either . have my nephews here and they both want differnt ones .lol

  136. Cheryll H

    My 4 year old says the polar bear… who am I to argue??? 🙂

  137. Fiona Martin

    I’ve subscribed to your competitions RSS feed through Google reader.


    penguin please

  139. diana shepherd

    I prefer the penguin as hes totally cuter !

  140. moota1514@hotmail.co.uk


  141. Fiona Martin

    These are so cute!! Would love the penguin for my 2 little ones – it looks fab.

  142. Laura Sanderson

    Polar bear is my preferred option!

  143. Karen Barrett

    Subscribed via RSS feed

  144. Karen Barrett

    Penguin please

  145. Fiona May

    ❄ The PENGUIN is best because he looks like he’s going really fast! ❄

  146. ayako clarke

    The penguin is for me!!

  147. Matt

    Definitely the penguin

  148. Catherine Owen

    They are both lovely, but my favourite would be the polar bear 🙂

  149. Debbie

    I would love the penquin…just wish for the snow 😉

  150. julie henderson

    its so hard to choose!!!! i honestly wouldnt mind – love the surprise element (but the polar bear is funky)



  152. olivia kirby

    i think it’s the comp posts that have been added to my google reader



  153. olivia kirby

    I would love the Polar Bear! I love Polar Bears!! x x

  154. Angela Walker

    The penguin please

  155. helmarkxx@yahoo.co.uk

    Sorry just realised I had to do a second comment to say I have signed up for competition rss feeds 😀

  156. helmarkxx@yahoo.co.uk

    They are so cute!!!! I love them both, prefer the penguin. I have signed up as required 😀 helmarkxx@yahoo.co.uk

  157. Andrea Upton

    They are both great, but I like the Polar Bear


  158. Carolina J.

    I am subscribed to your RSS feed for every post.

  159. Carolina J.

    I love penguins so that should be it!

  160. ashleigh

    i would love to win the penguin one!

  161. Rory Campion

    The penguin is so cool!

  162. Jane Willis

    They are both fun but the penguin would show up better against the snow 9if we get any) so for that reason I prefer him
    @janesgrapevine on Twitter

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