Building on the success of our coloured pasta, I thought we’d try the same thing, but with rice. I only made a small amount the first time round to test it and makes sure it worked and I am so thrilled with the result.  It looks so good, we think, anyway.

So, the process is simple: mix rice, a little white vinegar and a few drops of food colouring, the more you use the darker the colour will be. And don’t use too much vinegar – you don’t want your rice to go soggy.


Mix it well, then leave it to dry. Once dried, you should have deep and rich colours that are non-toxic to your child.


Don’t they just look so bright and inviting?

Then, mix it all together and you have this gorgeous looking mix of coloured rice, perfect for:

  • sensory play – Just run your fingers through it. It’s rather addictive!
  • sorting into colours – It is a colour learning exercise, after all.
  • fine motor skill development – Try using tweezers or chop sticks… or even little fingers.
  • simply playing and having fun – Sit back and watch!
  • arts and crafts – Glueing this on to pictures could be great fun too. Try a colour by numbers glueing experiment!


What have you done with coloured rice? Can you think of fun games to play?


Learning Colours – Coloured Rice

  1. Fun! I never really thought of coloring rice. What my little one and I have are just the white ones mixed with corn kernels. He has to separate them to develop his fine motor skills as I learned from Montessori. Now, separate colored rice is more challenging. Thanks for this!

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