It’s finally happened. Our phantom baby became a reality. We’d been waiting so long, it was starting to feel unreal. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more to follow, in due course.

68/366 – At Home

Waiting, waiting, waiting for a baby that doesn’t want to arrive. Too tired to do much, I’m really grateful my mother is here to keep Ameli company.


I had a terrible time at the hospital today. They tried the scare tactics and all the rest of it but I was able to stick to my guns. I might not know much about medicine, but I know my dates and I know that this baby is not overdue, despite them deciding I’m now over 42 weeks pregnant.


No photos of today. I don’t even remember what we did.

71/366 – West Wittering

Sick of being indoors, cooped up and frustrated, we decided to take advantage of the incredibly beautiful weather we woke up to and drove to our nearest beach. It was a truly glorious day, and I got to sit on the beach, absorb the power of the ocean – despite the very slight waves of the UK coastline – and connect with my baby.

72/366 –  Picking Flowers For Mama

A busy day here – another hospital appointment to monitor baby’s heart rate, then off to a friend for coffee, where Ameli picked flowers off the lawn for me. And then I had a long and intense acupressure session when we got home, before rushing off to an NCT committee meeting.

73/366 – The Moment Of Life Beginning

The acupressure must have done it. I had a few contractions on Monday evening, but nothing intense, then woke with pretty intense contractions at 3am. It all slowed down in the morning, but by 17:23 this had happened. Birth story to follow!

74/366 – Sisters

I’m floored by how good Ameli’s been at accepting her sister into her life. It’s been amazing. She’s so helpful and so incredibly kind to the baby, it’s awesome.  Here we have Ameli sitting with the baby, Ameli and Daddy playing with the trainset the baby ‘brought with’  and two more pics of big sister doting on little sister.

Thanks for joining us for our week in Pictures!

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Mamatography Week 11: The Waiting Finally Ends

  1. Im totally in love with the picture of baba still under the water, congratulations, again 🙂

  2. Congratulations My Lovely! I am so very happy to see your Lil Squidgy has made her appearance and that our Lil Princess has taken so well to becomming a big sister!

  3. Congratulations!! Absolutely gorgeous shots of the sisters together – treasured memories for you! Love the beach photos too 🙂

  4. I *love* that water birth picture! I look forward to reading your birth story, but understand it can take a little time to digest the experience before writing it, not to mention how busy you likely are just settling in with your new, larger family. <3

  5. Ameli really does look like an amazing big sister! I’m sure those last pictures of her as an only child will be a treasure. I love the beach shots! So glad you’re enjoying your family now that you’re four <3

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