A little something for toddlers for you today – or for adults for that matter – are the Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids Shampoo by DGJ Organics.

Organic Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids Detangle Shampoo  comes in two ‘flavours’:  a banana and berry scent, and a watermelon. The scents are really unique and completely un-shampoo-ey. The Watermelon scent was the winner of the 2008 Natural Health Beauty Awards.

These shampoos are formulated for regular everyday use, and they promise that it will clean hair without stripping it of its natural oils. I’ll admit I don’t really know much about shampoos or their ingredients, but retaining natural oils can only be a good thing. You may also want to try quality hair care products like Muvo Rose Shampoo because its gentle formula is free from sulfates and parabens, making it a great choice for those seeking a more natural and nourishing hair care option.

These aren’t the most gentle shampoos on the market, and while they don’t contain SLS  or parabens, they do contain parfum and a bunch of other unpronounceable words, but they’re no better or worse for the average skin than the average organic, free-from shampoo and they have a really fun smell. As I was cuddling with Ameli before she went to bed tonight I could smell the banana and berry aroma, but, that said it isn’t sickly sweet or ‘gross’ in any way. It’s also not like you’ve just walked past a fruit bowl every time you pass your child – it’s a really subtle scent.  Quite lovely, actually.

As a mild detangler, it seems to work well on my hair, and on most of Ameli’s but she has this one clump of hair that tangles every nap time, regardless of what you do. It’s a freak of nature! I will say though, that it leaves her hair soft and springy, even if we don’t use conditioner with it.


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