Another busy week for us here. It’s been nice, getting out and about and getting to know the place!

335/366 – Family Day At Kidz Paradise

If you live in Perth, make your way to the family nights at Kidz Paradise. It is fantastic fun, and Dave, the owner and resident entertainer is simply amazing with children. We had face (and hand) painting, games, and an amazing play area! They have a family night the last Friday of every month, and it’s lovely. Get yourself down there! (Not New Years or January 2013 though!)

336/366 – 1st of December

It’s the first of December, and the start of what’s turning into a very busy month. It’s also the start of some of the many new Christmas traditions I’m trying to make with my girls. It’s the day Santa’s letter from the NSPCC (in the UK) arrived or Ameli – a lovely letter, by the way – and it’s the first day of the advent calendar. I wasn’t able to do what I wanted this year but I opened up crackers and put activities, candies and stickers inside each one – leaving some open to add activities to as I could. It worked really well and added to the ‘magic’ for Ameli, as each day the cracker ‘magically’ popped out of the basket when it was ready each day. She loved it. We’ve also started a book Advent – a book for each day of Christmas, except we don’t have books for every day yet, but we’re working on it!

337/366 – Castledare Railway

Advent Activity Day 2 was a visit to the Castledare Railway. That was a lot of fun. It’s a miniature railway line that goes in a circular route, maybe about 10 minutes in total. It’s great fun though!

338/366 – Building

As if there’s not enough going on, my dad and brother are overseeing the building of a flat on their property. It was all planned and ready before my mother became ill, so here it is in the beginning!

339/366 – Dam Days

We went out to the Serpentine Dam (bottom) with my parents, but didn’t end up spending too much time there. The flies there actually bite, like, really. They really hurt! We went to another dam where we lazed about for an hour or so, but the normal flies were driving us batty and it was really hot, so we went home. I really like Australia, apart from the poison dams, the insects that eat you alive and the extreme heat!

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